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Former research scientist the became the primary stay at home Dad for two children. Writing has always been factual in the previous life but always had a fascination with fiction but never been brave enough to develop it further. A comfort zone thing. Science writing is familiar, fiction is not. Hopefully the courses will provide more confidence and lead to a change in career working from home around children!

The Room That Swallows People 2

“I am not what you think I am.” The paranormal brothers Allan and Joseph Carmichael looked at each other and then back to the apparition in front if them. A rather attractive lady wearing a late Victorian two layered bustle … Continue reading

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The Room That Swallows People

Experimental and suffering the usual self doubt. Feedback appreciated. Thanks for reading “What are you doing in my house?” The words stirred Amelie Hamilton from a dream about a dog she had grown up with as a child. Griff, a … Continue reading

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Witch Queen (sidelined extract)

  never posted any work before so entirely uncertain this is the right thing to do. It is a side shoot of a much larger project and these courses have provided tremendous encouragement in moments of self doubt…which at present … Continue reading

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