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I'm a big time reader who loves to write! I'm young but I'm learning. Any advice and criticism is more than welcome. I need all the help I can get... :)


Scarlet tossed and turned over and over. It was no use. There was too much on her mind for sleep. She wouldn’t get rest until everything was taken care of. Instead, she made her way to the kitchen for a … Continue reading

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Lesson Five-Sweet Sixteen

As a young girl, you ‘can’t wait’ for a lot of things. You’re just chomping at the bit to get to certain periods of your life. It’s part of growing up: wanting to grow up faster. First, you can’t wait … Continue reading

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Lesson Four-First Ever Date

Sorry, this one’s short. I’ve had a busy week, not a lot of writing time. ~ Shane tapped nervously at the table below. His heart was pounding, his mouth was dry, and he was sweating. He wasn’t sure who he … Continue reading

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Homework-Lesson Three (UPDATED)

Laura grabbed another handful of popcorn as she stared mesmerized into the TV screen. Her eyes began to swell with tears at the final scene before her. ‘Roman Holiday’. She’d seen it a thousand times before, but the end still … Continue reading

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Explain That Baby- Optional Exercise from Lesson 2

Once again, all comments and criticism are welcome! ~ Annie tightened her grip around the object hiding beneath her jacket. She held the grocery bags near her chest to keep attention away from the squirming. She was breathing heavily, walking … Continue reading

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Hello, writing buddies! First I have to say, I have really enjoyed my time reading through all of your stories and work. I have really learned a lot during this course and also from all of your advice. I write … Continue reading

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Homework for Lesson One

Please feel free to leave comments, advice, criticism or whatever! ~        My head pounded and my eyes threatened to seal. Gosh. I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I was. I took a deep breath and wiped … Continue reading

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