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Hello. I've gotten a rather late start with this class but I hope to catch up quickly. I live in Northern California, retired from the school system here and have become interested in writing. This web-site, its classes, and the support from classmates seems perfect. Here is to a wonderful experience for everyone!

I think you killed him

“I think you killed him.” The two young women look up at him and then at each other but remained silent. “Just tell me what happened.” “We have.” Lauren said calmly. “I don’t believe you.” She stared back at him … Continue reading

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Lesson 6 – Ti amo

John took me to the emergency room after the accident. I begged him to leave before my parents got there. That way they wouldn’t embarrass me, in front of him at least. The pain in my broken leg was subsiding … Continue reading

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The Decision

It was decision time. They’d beaten around the bush for a while and tonight away from prying eyes and ears, they would either jump in the deep end together or forget it. Connie had risked the most by reaching out … Continue reading

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Lesson 4 – The Date

Phillip had bowed to pressure from John after the dinner party and called her to invite her out. Sitting here now at a table in one of the local breweries, waiting for her, Phillip’s thoughts drifted back to the evening … Continue reading

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The Car Accident

It’s true what they say. When you think you’re about to die, time stops and visions really do flash in front of your eyes. At least it was true for me on that dusky rainy evening I lost control of … Continue reading

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The Wrong Lie

When she came bursting through the door, she glanced at him sitting on the sofa in the front room. “Hi,” she said cheerfully, almost bubbly. “Hi.” His tone caught her by surprise. She saw his face slightly moist with perspiration, … Continue reading

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The Sandwich

James Jackson’s stature and carriage was enough to put off just about everyone. It wasn’t just his basketball-player frame, it was the cool look of haughty reserve he practiced carrying on his face regardless of the situation. His dark brown … Continue reading

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