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Humm. When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer. My teacher told me I couldn't write because I couldn't spell. I believed her. What I should have said is "Can't count either. But, that's not stopping me now."

Lesson 7 : Houston You’ve Got a Problem

“Houston, are we on target?” The disembodied voice of Col Stamplton floated through NASA’s Mission Control Center. Visual contact was lost well into the mission and until now the loss of visual connection to the space shuttle was just an … Continue reading

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Twice Fried in Duck Fat

Some people just ought to be dead, just dead. Dead in the ground. This wasn’t Martha’s normal frame of mind, but today she felt it’s justifiable. Andy was on another I’m a poor black woman being oppressed by my white … Continue reading

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Thing One and Thing Two Want to go to the Zoo.

Penguins in Texas move pretty slow in April, by the Dog days in June temperatures are hovering around 100 degrees by noon. Their cages are air-conditioned. Don’t get me wrong. They funny little guys don’t suffer, not from the heat … Continue reading

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Andy’s Latest Get Rich Quicker Scheme

Andy pursed her lips pretending shes having a great thought. “We should get married.” “What the hell ever for?” replied Sara. “The benefits of being couples.” “What benefits?” “You know benefits, like spouses get.” “You are on the deed of … Continue reading

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Ever had a Day…

(under rewrite) The weary solider adjusted his  pack. The strain of  lifting another box of supplies into the back of the military jeep showing  in his eyes. The single deadly sound coming from the tent brought him instinctively flinching to alert … Continue reading

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EXERCISE 2 – Unleaded Please

My pencil lead broke with an annoying snap.“Oh damn, why is it that writers  always write about themselves when they need heroes or villains.” Oh man, did I just say that aloud? I did didn’t I. I could tell by … Continue reading

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The Stingy Cow and the Thrifty Squirrel

Shelia never had to share; she had boatloads of sisters and brothers in her parents multiple families. None that she ever lived with. She lived with her Nana, and had a good life in the 60’s. Well that is her story. … Continue reading

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Well I finally read the directions…

I have added a couple of replies to other people’s posts and don’t want to grandstand. I have a WP account and can’t figure that one out either. I live in Dallas, Born here. Lived in Greater Boston Area for … Continue reading

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