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Whistlestop 7

“Sorry Peter, this is a private meeting with my family,” said Jo-anne blocking Peter’s entrance to the room. “But Mom,” complained Denise, looking apologetically at Peter.  Denise was again dressed in that horrible black outfit Peter bought her, with the … Continue reading

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Whistlestop 6

Dad parked the car in Grandma Sarah’s driveway.   The house is a dump, it did not look like this when Grandma was alive. Dad and Paul are fighting again.   Blah, blah, blah, something about maintenance and he does not want … Continue reading

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Whistlestop 5

It is Sunday afternoon and Eric and Arthur are laying sprawled on dark brown leather loungers in the pack’s rout room, each savouring the single malt whisky, the Alpha brought home from his recent travels. Even though the room has … Continue reading

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Whistlestop 3

The late autumn full moon shone silver rays in the night darkness, creating a patchwork of night black and lit areas around the house. A Black SUV stopped near the house. The inner light of the SUV came on as … Continue reading

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Whistlestop 4

Jo-anne woke up early the next morning as the hospital’s breakfast was served. Hearing the serving trolley at the far end of the passage, she got out of bed slowly, her legs feeling like wobbly rubber, but she kept on … Continue reading

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… “Where are the kids?” Jo-Anne looks at her watch. The last train to Chicago Central leaves in less than two hours. She sighs and a tear rolls quietly down her cheek. She wipes it away with irritation. She stomps … Continue reading

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The village railway station felt desolate on this Wednesday morning, the wind is whistling around the corners of the building and feels as if it is cutting right through her, freezing her face. Everything looks grey, brown and frozen, this … Continue reading

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