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That night Abigail helped her mother and sister clear the dishes from the table while her father built a fire before settling into his big chair in the parlor. At supper, her father had mentioned that he’d met Dr. McCormick … Continue reading

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Lesson 5 – Pacing, Silence, Subtext

Cathwren, the daughter of the late Duke of Elsinore, looked up, studying the man’s face carefully. “Then why did you come here? If I remember so clearly, your mother often has a Christmas party.” “I can’t tell you,” he said, … Continue reading

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Lesson 4 – Tags and Beats

After an easy downhill run on skis, Susann arrived at the Dubois’. There was a path shoveled to the door, but only one pair of skis leaned against the door jamb. Rather unsure of herself, Susann knocked and wondered what … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 – Dialogue and Summary

The next day was Sunday, and Jordana went to church. Adela went off with the Catholic girls, who were mostly in the majority, but Jordana waited for the dozen or so who walked down to the protestant chapel, very small, … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 Turning Speech into Dialogue

Caught off guard by Harnett-Loew Transportation Center’s slippery floors, Debra tripped over a lobby chair as she started toward the nearest door. A second later she found herself sprawled across a pair of long, blanket-covered legs. A hand under her … Continue reading

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Lesson 1 – Inhabiting a Character

“Oh, excuse me,” said Debra. “I didn’t mean to… I’m terribly sorry.” “No problem. It’s easy to trip on these chairs,” said the young man. “I hope I didn’t hurt you,” she said. “Not at all. It’s quite all right,” … Continue reading

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