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First date at a Restaurant

Angelo”s Surf Restaurant is located by the Bay in downtown Miami. It’s a favorite of tourist and has reasonable price entree’s. Fred and Karen arrive at the restaurant for their dinner reservations. They get seated at their table with a … Continue reading

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lesson 3 – Summary vs Dialogue

What Karen said during her encounter meeting Fred. “Hi, good morning” Karen says, “let me introduce myself, my name is Karen.” This an example of summary dialogue. Karen said “Hi, good morning”. ¬†However, because she is actually introducing herself to … Continue reading

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Lesson 1- Dialogue

  Its 8:45 am in South Florida on Monday, March 1, 2019. This takes us to the future, a quiet beep comes from ¬†a smart phone in a side pocket of Fred’s jacket. His alarm has sounded at the right … Continue reading

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