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I am semi-retired and live on acreage along a river in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have written scientific papers all my life and now am dabbling in fiction and enjoying it. I will try to provide comments on others work and appreciate any on mine

So you want to be a writer? MD 8

So you want to be a writer? “Is this seat taken?” Bob asked loudly. Bill was sitting by himself in a secluded corner of the Tim Horton’s restaurant. He was nursing his coffee and slowly munching a muffin staring intently … Continue reading

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Intervention MD7

Intervention “I am not who you think I am,” said Bob to his long-time Lodge buddy, Sam. “Really?” responded Sam. “How do you know what I think about you?” “I bet you see me as a God-fearing church-going man, a … Continue reading

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pre-Med MD 6

pre-Med Sam returned home from his second year of pre-Med. Home was a palatial mansion on several acres of well-groomed gardens that befitted his parent’s status in the community.  His dad was a successful and respected doctor in town.  While … Continue reading

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The Haunting MD 5

The Haunting Bob arrived home promptly at 5:30 pm as usual from his job as produce stocker at the nearby grocery chain. It pays the bills but is quite boring, so Bob often looked for other challenges in his life.  Sally, his … Continue reading

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Blind Date MD 4

Blind Date When the blind date arrived at the nursing school dormitory in a bright yellow Smart car, Sally should have run. Her nursing classes had been keeping her busy and she had not been on any dates this semester.  … Continue reading

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Car Affair MD 3 Ex 1

Car Affair Sam was not the best roommate, Bob thought. He was always late with his share of the rent and food costs.  But this takes the cake.  Sam had crashed his car, his precious car and had not even … Continue reading

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How Big a Bob Job MD 2 ex 3

How Big a Bob Job Bob and Sally had become quite comfortable in their two-year old relationship. Cuddling up on the couch watching TV after supper was their daily downtime.  Bob looked over at Sally and innocently asked “Have you … Continue reading

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Cowboy versus Cowgirl – MD1 Ex 2

Cowboy versus Cowgirl Walking out of the Bay department store downtown, Bill was strutting with his new western cut suit, western shirt, string tie and cowboy boots. He cut a striking figure, tall, dark and handsome and he knew it.  … Continue reading

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