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Lesson 4 tags&beats- The Cross and the Tree

The sky was a canvas of violet and gold, as the sun prepared to set. “It’s a different shade every day. So beautiful, don’t you think?” asked the Cross to the Tree. The Tree swayed in silence, looking up. It … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 Ex3- The Many Colours of Holi

It was nearly full moon, and the air smelled of smoke and dried leaves. There was a fire burning in front of every house in the village. It was a spring ritual to burn all that is old and welcome … Continue reading

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The Clubhouse Tales- Lesson 1_Exercise 2

The morning was mellow with a refreshing dew, as Mr. Adi Purana pushed open the iron grill gate of his colonial home, and stepped outside. Tall, broad-shouldered and finicky about order and cleanliness, he succumbed to a half-smile at the … Continue reading

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