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I live in Brisbane Australia. I am retired and enjoy writing as one of my hobbies along with camping and community activities.

The Announcement Lesson 6

The Announcement                                 Lesson 6 It was taking Georgina nearly two hours to travel across the city to her parents’ house on the fringe western suburbs. Her visits weren’t frequent and already she could feel the tension building in her … Continue reading

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Holiday Surprise. Lesson 5.

  Holiday  Surprise. Jill and Pete enjoyed their week nights. During the day Jill interacted with the public and Pete spent his time almost in isolation on his computer. Among recent after tea topics was the next holiday. Their holidays … Continue reading

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The Flare Up Lesson 3

Flare Up                                 Lesson 3. Christmas Week at her mother-in-law’s house was not an event Nat had looked forward to. The twins were two and a half and she wondered how much had changed inside the house since their visit … Continue reading

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The Redecorator. Lesson 2

The Redecorator.                         Dialogue         Lesson 2 Chrissie glanced at the text message – arriving 12.30 Sydney airport. Her parents, Marie and Ben, would soon be returning from their holiday. She was excited about the surprise she had in store for them. … Continue reading

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The Cheese Cake Date. Lesson 1.

A Cheese Cake Date.                             Lesson 1  Mastering Dialogue Cherie felt the warmth of the sun on her back as she jogged with the twins’ stroller along the footpath. It felt so good to escape the confines of their tiny … Continue reading

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