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No Future

“How about another glass of wine?” said Jason.  “I’ll order another bottle, shall I?” “No thank you, said Sarah.” If she had to listen one more story about Jason’s project to restore his vintage Daimler, she would scream. “Well, shall … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts

Matt had made his decision. He couldn’t believe he was actually going.  He felt sick at the thought of his parents’ reaction but he wouldn’t have to see their disappointment and he would return next year or maybe the year … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

Sam and Mary could hear the booming music as they pulled up outside the house. They could feel the vibrations of the drum beats as they opened the front door.  Mary looked round apprehensively, half expecting old Mr Dawson next … Continue reading

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Driver Beware

Megan slammed the door of the Norton’s Haulage office as she left.  She couldn’t wait to get home and think about something other than work, work, work.  She loved her job but, at times, she felt like everyone’s mother.  Why’s … Continue reading

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