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To Leave or Not to Leave Lesson 2 (Optional)

Lesson 2 – Exercise 3 (Optional) Taking sides   They all decided to meet in their favorite haunt, “Mackintosh Bistro” on that Friday night. Shelly and Vicki beat Alex there and rushed inside out of the rain. The restaurant was … Continue reading

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The Announcement Lesson 6

The Announcement                                 Lesson 6 It was taking Georgina nearly two hours to travel across the city to her parents’ house on the fringe western suburbs. Her visits weren’t frequent and already she could feel the tension building in her … Continue reading

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Courtney’s Moment of Fear

Courtney’s Moment of Fear “Hi, Courtney.” Courtney looked at him with confusion. “Do I know you?” “Well…no; but I know you.” Courtney’s heart stopped. Who is this guy?? “I am a huge fan of yours. Will you sign my book?” … Continue reading

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Breaking the Mold (Lesson 3)

“Damn, I reminded you two times”! she said. She turned away, folding her arms around her waist. Lately, it didn’t seem to matter. Garret, turned toward Tonya, raising his eyebrows with a quizzical look on his face. “And the point … Continue reading

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over a cup of coffee.

Elizabeth was a creature of habit, every morning at 6 a clock sharp she ran four miles then would stop at her neighborhood Starbucks her favorite chocolate mocha. but this particular morning start out with a rain storm; so she … Continue reading

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Lesson 4 tags&beats- The Cross and the Tree

The sky was a canvas of violet and gold, as the sun prepared to set. “It’s a different shade every day. So beautiful, don’t you think?” asked the Cross to the Tree. The Tree swayed in silence, looking up. It … Continue reading

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Lesson 4

( Sara is waiting at a restaurant  and every once in a while staring out of the window. She sees Jamil walk to the entrance of the restaurant ) Jamil: So you have been waiting? Sorry about that. (Pulling back … Continue reading

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Lesson 1 Exercise 2

Conversation between my character and a stranger Kitty waits patiently in the queue at the bank. She hates trying to do banking during her lunch break but doesn’t have any choice today. She needs to bank her mother’s cheques. ‘Hello … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 Ex3- The Many Colours of Holi

It was nearly full moon, and the air smelled of smoke and dried leaves. There was a fire burning in front of every house in the village. It was a spring ritual to burn all that is old and welcome … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 – Wrong Start

The spring air brought a lilt to his step as Mark set off on a brisk walk in the neighborhood after dinner. Children were playing in their front lawns and some were riding bikes on the side walk. The newest … Continue reading

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