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Comeback to the Garden of Eden

Eve approached the immense Gupu-Palace in Rhakotis.  She remembered how, as a child she admired the prominent building. It was higher and more luxurious than all other palaces  in the central square of the Egyptian quarter, where all the leading, Egyptian … Continue reading

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The Remodel

The Remodel By Alma Fenter “Wow! What a trip. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to pass these old favorite landmarks. That means we only have a couple blocks before we turn into our driveway. I’ve really … Continue reading

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The Young Decorator By Karen Carter

Creative writing ideas – young decorator By Karen Carter Looking out my bedroom window I saw my parents drive up in their BMW Convertible. I shivered inside as I thought; “Oh, crap” here we go. It’s too late to do … Continue reading

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The Wrong Lie

When she came bursting through the door, she glanced at him sitting on the sofa in the front room. “Hi,” she said cheerfully, almost bubbly. “Hi.” His tone caught her by surprise. She saw his face slightly moist with perspiration, … Continue reading

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Taking Sides

Hello everyone. I believe I´ve fallen a bit behind these days. I´ve been travelling a little, so I didn´t have much time. Anyway, here I´ve tried to experiment a little bit and write a dialogue following the “Creative writing ideas … Continue reading

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Lesson Two Dialogue

Lesson Two Dialogue. ‘You, Kay  get in my office now, that’s the last you time I am going to tell you.’ Kay’s’ boss shouted across the other eighty girls and silence reined down. ‘Me why, what have I done now?’ … Continue reading

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Lesson 2

I didn’t know whether or not to re-write my first lesson post, so I chose to do a different dialogue. This is quite shorter than my first post and very different. I didn’t do much summary for this, as I’m guessing lesson … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 – Judy meets her dream man

Judy checks the time on her watch; where is her friend she wonders. She takes another sip of her coffee. If Becca doesn’t arrive soon she might have to order another cup. Judy flips through her magazine without really reading … Continue reading

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Explain That Baby- Optional Exercise from Lesson 2

Once again, all comments and criticism are welcome! ~ Annie tightened her grip around the object hiding beneath her jacket. She held the grocery bags near her chest to keep attention away from the squirming. She was breathing heavily, walking … Continue reading

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The Wrong Lie

The Wrong Lie   Something was going on. David was sure of it. Tessa was up to something. He noticed that she’d bought a couple of dresses, dark, and classy – nice. She’d also coloured her hair and had it cut stylishly. … Continue reading

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