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The Car Accident

It’s true what they say. When you think you’re about to die, time stops and visions really do flash in front of your eyes. At least it was true for me on that dusky rainy evening I lost control of … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 – The Broken Glass

Jenna rushes downstairs where the light from the kitchen is glowing. “It’s okay.” Blake hollers, holding his phone in one hand and a partial rim of a broken glass in the other. Jenna takes a calming breath, her son should … Continue reading

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Homework-Lesson Three (UPDATED)

Laura grabbed another handful of popcorn as she stared mesmerized into the TV screen. Her eyes began to swell with tears at the final scene before her. ‘Roman Holiday’. She’d seen it a thousand times before, but the end still … Continue reading

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Lesson 3

“Quit waving that strap in front of me”, I yelled. “Is this how you show me that you love me”, she cried. “I do love you. But , I guess I misunderstood”. “Oh, you really misunderstood, all right”, she was … Continue reading

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Exercise lesson 3 – Perfect Recipe

  It had been a long and tiring day at the café. Ever since she hung the “Open” sign on the door at 6am that morning, customers had been coming in and out as in procession. Mondays were usually like … Continue reading

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The Promise

“Wanna play hide n’ seek?”  Mary asked.  We walked slowly across the grass, away from the crowd of cub scouts that included our older brothers and our moms–the “den” mothers–on one side of the park.  With just us and a … Continue reading

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Lessson 3 The Odd Couple

A taxi drew up. Peter, a doctor sat reading the papers, he looked up and to his utter surprise, and a little dismay saw his wife Saba who had returned to New Zealand from Pakistan without notice. She had been in Lahore Pakistan for over … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 Exercise 1 – Passed Sell-by Date

Passed Sell-by Date (revised) Parnell ordered his fourth beer as the teams came in after finishing their Bowls Trips games. Most of the players knew him and said that they missed him. An old rival brought across an extra beer … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 — Life Changes

So, here we are, Lesson 3 already. How time flies when you’re enjoying the whole writing process! (As, I grab yet another piece of chocolate, sigh) Lol Now, I wanted to set the scene on this one, so it’s a … Continue reading

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Ever had a Day…

(under rewrite) The weary solider adjusted his  pack. The strain of  lifting another box of supplies into the back of the military jeep showing  in his eyes. The single deadly sound coming from the tent brought him instinctively flinching to alert … Continue reading

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