Comeback to the Garden of Eden

Eve approached the immense Gupu-Palace in Rhakotis.  She remembered how, as a child she admired the prominent building. It was higher and more luxurious than all other palaces  in the central square of the Egyptian quarter, where all the leading, Egyptian families lived. And now, since a Month or so, by the love of Ipy , this house became her shelter, where she felt loved and protected.

“His Lordship is busy. He will not receive you now. Try later”- said the doorkeeper slave.

“You know who I am, don’t you?” asked a startled Eve . Never before had she heard a slave, using such an insolent tone.

“Yes, I know who you are. My master received his orders directly from his Lordship. He wishes not to be bothered, by anyone, not even by you. As I said, you may try later. Tomorrow, perhaps. ”

“I’d rather wait in a waiting room, if you don’t mind”.

“I do mind!  I mean, this does not conform to his Lordship’s wishes. If you want, I can let you into my hovel, if you promise not to tell anyone. I’ll let you know, when his Lordship will make himself available for you”.

A shocked, humiliated Eve let herself into the putrid cellar area of the slaves’ lodging.

“This is my favorite room” said the doorkeeper, smiling. “I hope you’ll enjoy it. In the mean time, excuse me, duty calls”

She collapsed on the clay floor. She lied shivering, her body was aching. She turned her eyes to the bright source of light, penetrating from a crack in the wall. The light beams were thin, dusty and trembling. As she kept on watching it, the beams thickened, brightened and grew. A splendid godlike image appeared. It was very much like Ipy, but both his eyes were alive, black and shining.

“Eve, Eve” said the image,  “you will be banished from your Garden of Eden, just as I banished your ancestor, whom I created and whose name you are carrying. And the same reason will cause your banishment”.

“Lord, have mercy on me for saying it”, answered Eve, her face down “banish me if you must, but not because I am anything like that Eve, you just mentioned. You know how much I admire you. The Eve you created loved Adam, while you were around. Unbelievable!  How could she?  I despise Adam and most of his descendants: my father, Samson, Gershon. No human would share the admiration, I have for you, if I did not meet a man like the Lord of this palace, who resembles you, not only by his image, but also by his worthy struggle against evil, treachery and insolence”

“And so you should, Eve! I bestowed upon him my image, and some of my power, to rule and to be served and worshipped. To show reverence to him, is following my will.  He expects you, rightfully, to show your love and faithfulness, by obedience to him. And you should be ready to offer sacrifices for him”.

“You know that I intend to sacrifice my marriage to Samson. I am helping my father to sacrifice Gershon.  I shall sacrifice my father’s love too, for Ipys’, if needed.  All these wimps are nothing to me but sacrificial lambs”

“Scarifying someone, whom you despise – is not sacrifice. You must love the offerings you give”.

“Love? I love only you and Ipy. ”

“You love yourself, don’t you? It is your vanity you have to sacrifice. That will bring him back to you. But never forget, that even if he loves you, you are not his equal”

“Blessed be God for his wisdom and for showing us the way we should go and the things we should do”.

The image vanished and she found herself before a smiling Ipy, gently waking her up. She got up and prostrated before him.

“I beg for your forgiveness, my Lord. For my arrogance and vanity”

“You have already been forgiven, my dear. You spoke, while you were dreaming and it gave me much pleasure. Especially that part about the wimps”.

“It was a dream, then” said Eve , while covering her mouth. “I must have sound very stupid”

“Not at all, Eve, not at all! But you must tell me, who is that Gershon, you mentioned among the wimps? You told me about your father and about Samson. But Gershon? Who is he?”

“I was about to tell you about him, anyway. You see, he is my way to freedom. Freedom from my father and from my engagement. Freedom to love and serve you. I demanded father to break my engagement from Samson. He said, he will, if I do him a little service.”

“What service? You should get my approval for it, don’t you think?” asked Ipy

“It’s just that approval I was going to ask from you. He wants me, to spend  some time with this Gershon, a Jewish student of Euclides , to find out how he became so friendly with Ptolemy, the king? Once he will find out, he will find a way to put an end to this friendship, which causes him much trouble”.

“Very nice of you to ask my approval!  But you already met him, went with him to the theater and had a good time on the Paneum”.

“Yes… no… how… how do you know that, already?”

“They call me One-Eyed Gupu,   because I have one good eye on my face, but a dozen pair of eyes around this city. Nothing, of interest to me, escapes my knowledge”.

“So, that’s the explanation for my torment today… Yes, I see now, you were right to show your anger. I should have started my mission, only after I got you approval. But, it was so convenient, when he just happened to appear before me on the Paneum. I thought, I can get your approval afterwards, since it will allow me to be with you, as much as you wish it. But now that I see how wrong I was , I beg for your pardon”.

“Pardoned you are. As for this Gershon, I think I can solve your father’s trouble: I shall give instructions to kill him. I hope you won’t mind, will you?”

“You should not do such a thing…”

“Behave, Eve, behave!” said Ipy, angry again. “You are not permitted to tell me what I should and what I should not do”.

“Please, let me just finish the sentence. You should not do such a thing for nothing, when my father would be eager to pay you for it: Money and me”

“Not bad. When the leader of the Jews of Alexandria will give me his daughter and pay me tribute- that will re-establish the proper order of relationship between Egyptians and Jews in this city. I like that. When do you think, that it can be arranged? ”

“Soon, soon my dear.  I shall speak with my father and let you know. Tomorrow, with your permission, I will come back.  Before I go, I would like to thank your doorkeeper, for being so kind to me. ”

“Don’t bother, my dear. I already did. His corpse is hanging in the yard. That will teach my servants what it means to show insolence toward me, or you? So see you tomorrow. And be sure to bring good news”.

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  1. Abdul Rehman says:

    I am very glad to be a author of this blog. So that I can read master piece stories from my friends. Keep going Haim! Best wishes for you!

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