Teddy’s & Blaze’s Big Blowout

Teddy and ME went into the Kitchen to get something to drink they both overheard Blaze talking to Kallie in the dinning room.
Kallie”Is ME really that bad for Teddy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so happy.”
Blaze raised her voice “That’s the point! He has fallen head-over-heels for that that….Slut? We dont know if we can trust her?”
There was a crash in the kitchenas ME dropped her glass running to the front door and bangging the door as she went out. Teddy runnig after her yelling for her to come back. He closed the door and turned on Blaze!
“How, How dare you? Teddy exclaimed!
Kallie looked at Blaze showing the phone sign to call her and she left quietly.
It seem smoke was coming out of Teddy’s ear! He keep stammering “How, How, How….” How sare say that about ME. She has been through just as much hell and we have”

He couldn’t seem to process what Blaze had said and she stay silent. “Shehas feeling and so do I”

Blaze finally spoke” I just was trying to figure away to protect you. You are falling to fast for her and I dont trust her”

“Where do you get off telling me who I can or can not love?

“Love! you… you…” He put his hand up to silence her.

“We are twins but that doesnt mean we have the right to bud into each other’s personal lives. I could’ve easily told you what a mistake ken abd you were making. Come on Blaze. An DA and A Reporter. But I Didn’t…”

“How dare you bring Ken into this! You have no right slamming my dead fiancee!” She storms out of the room in tears and Teddy wanting to punch someone!



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  1. Haim says:

    The drama , no doubt , is there. The ears hear it quite well :crash in the kitchenas (what is a kitchenas, shouldn’t it be kitchen as), banging the door , yelling, storming out of the room.
    I also liked Kallie’s diplomatic retreat (Phone sign)

    Not one of the characters gets clearer by the end, than it is at the start. Certainly not the two fugitives : ME (why capitals?) , Kallie). The two twins do have a fight , but the real reasons are still a mystery, covered somewhere in sentences like :

    “She has been through just as much hell and we have”
    “what a mistake ken abd you were making ” (I guess it is Ken and you)
    “You have no right slamming my dead fiancee!”

    I couldn’t form an attitude , who/what is right , who/what is wrong? Would I do the same thing , or otherwise?
    We have been instructed to build a character’s profile for each person. Maybe you did. But I did not perceive it.

    Quite a few typos.

    • Adaeze says:

      I’ll fix typos ME should be M.E. short for Marlyn Elizabeth. This a conversation from a novel I’m writing. Information would have been provided in previous chapters. This was not a stand alone conversation. Thank-you for you questions and advice.

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