The village railway station felt desolate on this Wednesday morning, the wind is whistling around the corners of the building and feels as if it is cutting right through her, freezing her face. Everything looks grey, brown and frozen, this winter morning.

The brown army coat covered most of her clothes, only the bottom part of her denim clad legs and army boots was visible. On her head she had a Russian fur hat that hid her hair and most of her face, together with the spectacles, nobody that she walked passed has recognised her. She looks like a fat teenager, until you see her face. To herself she looks old and haggard, not the thirty four years she actually is.

Jo-Anne looked down at the army boots she had on.

“Who would have thought, the Charity Shop in Chicago’s city centre will have army surplus stuff.” Jo-Anne mused to herself, “I will have to get used to brown and more brown, arrgg, I just hope that all this brown will let me fade away in the back ground.”

The eleven o’clock train pulled into the station, with a screech, the conductor whistled and the train pulled away, leaving the station with the usual clanking of wheels. Only one person got off.

“Hi, Johnny, fancy a drink, something to warm the blood, hey?” She turned around and saw it was Frank, the village drunk walking towards her.

She knows from experience that he calls all males Johnny.

“Oh goodness, he thinks I am a man.” She thought in surprise.

She thickened her voice and said “I’m waiting for my lift.” She shrugged like Carlson, the head enforcer. She saw that Carlson was quite effective in getting people to leave him alone, when he does that.

“Suit yourself Johnny, suit yourself.” Johnny lifted his cap and strolled towards the town centre.

Jo-Anne was surprised it worked. Usually Frank can be very persistent.

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3 Responses to Whistlestop

  1. Abdul Rehman says:

    Another amazing and successful effort by my friend. Now waiting for your 3rd master piece. Hope you will inform me. 🙂

  2. Dominique Abrahams says:

    Hi Abdul
    I have just posted my effort for lesson 3. Your comments inspired me.

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