Whistlestop 6

Dad parked the car in Grandma Sarah’s driveway.   The house is a dump, it did not look like this when Grandma was alive.

Dad and Paul are fighting again.   Blah, blah, blah, something about maintenance and he does not want to stay in a dump like this. That’s what you get when you fuck with people’s lives, mate.

Dad, Paul Eileen used the front door, and Paul started opening windows to get rid of the musty smell inside the house. I do not want to be part of their plans, ugh Paul sugary sweetness makes my teeth hurt, especially when he pretends to care.

Jake walked around the house to the back garden. The door to the room next to the garage is not locked and Jake pushes it open. Wow, look at the size of this room. I can live here. It is not too bad. Once it is clean, there is enough space for my stuff and I will be away from those two, there is even a small bathroom. I want this.

“Jake, where are you,” shouts Dad.

“Just looking around,” Jake ran towards his father, standing on the stoop.

Paul walked towards them, with that fake smile on his face.

“Come, my boy, we must pick our rooms,” Paul patted Jake’s shoulder “before the furniture truck arrives with our stuff, this is now our home.”

Jake thrust his hands into his pockets. He wishes that man will stop calling him his boy.

“Yeah cool,” said Jake and saunters into the house.

He saw Eileen already picked a room for herself. He is so over her eagerness to pretend everything is okay. He would not care if his Dad and Paul is never happy. It is his dad’s fault that his mom left.

Jake leaned against the door frame as his father and Paul discuss allocation of the rooms.

Jake leaned against the wall with his feet stuck out in front of him, bored by this stupid conversation.

“Oh my goodness, my boy we don’t have room for you,” said Paul biting his bottom lip.

Jake saw the way his father looks at the man and he wants to puke.

“It’s cool. No worries.”

“Jake, chose a room,” instructed his father.

“Yeah, it’s cool, no worries,” Jake mentally shrugged when he sees his dad’s frustration. “It’s just like, you know, there’s no room for me.”

“The study can be Jake’s room,” offered Paul.

“But you said you needed the study for your business,” it is clear Dad forgot about the room next to the garage.

“Yeah, it’s cool Dad, no worries.”

“Jake, you must have a room of your own. You cannot sleep on the sitting room floor forever, you complained only last night that your football stuff was in storage,” said his Dad while pulling at his hair.

“Crap, yeah you’re right. Maybe Stu’s mom will let me stay with them?” I looked at Dad in expectation.

“No, son this is your family. There will always be a place for you here,” said Paul in that whiny peacemaking voice of his.

“Yeah right. Cool, no worries,” it would be cool to stay with Stu’s family. They have a mom, who cooks real food like lasagna and hot dogs, not the vegetarian crap he is forced to eat.

Just then the front doorbell rang.

“Oh, darling, our stuff is here,” said Paul in disbelief, “and we are not ready.

Jake, slipped out when the furniture was brought in. He emptied the room and waited until the men carried Eileen’s new furniture into the house. That only leaves his stuff.

While Paul, his Dad, and Eileen moved furniture around, Jake moved his furniture and all his sports equipment and clothes into the outside room.

“Jake, come and eat,” shouted his Dad, he sounds exasperated and tired.

They were all sitting around the kitchen table eating burgers, fries and Coke, well wonders never cease.

“Cool,” said Jake as he took a bite out of a cheeseburger.

“Where were you, Jake. We could have used your help,” his father complained.

“Yeah, right, sorry. I found a place for my stuff.”

“Where?” asked his father suspiciously.


“Outside where, son?” Paul being aware that Charles is worried that Jake does not feel part of the family.

“It’s cool Dad, really cool. There is a room next to the garage. All my stuff is in there.”

“No, I want you inside the house,” his father insisted.

“Oh yeah cool, right, sorry Dad, but doesn’t Paul needs his study,” said Jake looking innocently at his Dad.

Charles looks at his son and knows he has been outmaneuvered.

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2 Responses to Whistlestop 6

  1. Abdul Rehman says:

    I feel glad to read this story because mostly words are absolutely new for me which increased my vocabulary.

    Bro! When you get free time kindly explain shortly the word “outmaneuvered.”

    • Dominique Abrahams says:

      Hi Abdul
      Outmaneuvered means when you manipulate a situation to outplay your opponent to get what you want.

      In this instance the boy Jake waited for everybody to chose their rooms in the house, and everybody have been settled in, before he told his father of the room outside. The outdoor room next to the garage would have been a better office for Paul, instead of the study in the house. It was too late for the father to insist on changing rooms with Paul because he is trying to keep the peace between Paul and Jake. The boy used his father’s wish for peace to get his way without having to argue with his father.

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