The Frightening Stranger

The Frightening Stranger

Walking down the busy avenue, Catori’s long black hair bounced in the breeze. Glimpse of hot pink tips on her lengthy locks wisped in the wind. Being sixteen and living in New York City was any young girls dream and Catori Youngblood was living it. Summer in the Big Apple smelt of sweaty humanity clinging to the giant buildings that reached toward the sky. Breathing in the air she smiled as she continued to walk down the street.

“Excuse me, ma’am” She was gently pushed on the shoulder. A thin, tall gawky fellow had run into her. His accent was barely understandable. The southern twang in his voice hung in the air like nails on a chalk board. Glancing up at the man that pushed her Catori’s deep blue eyes sparkled in the sunlight. The pale man was smitten.

“No problem just watch where you are going. The big city is nothing to play with” She continued to walk away but her arm was tugged back as she jolted toward him. He had a tight grip around her forearm. “Let go of me” she demanded. Loosening his grip he softly smiled.

“I’s sorry for that. I just wanted to gets a better look at the angel I just met.” Catori didn’t know how to respond. She wasn’t use to someone approaching her in this manner and he looked like he was well into his older twenties. “You’s seem like a good catch. Likes one of those movie stars.”

“Thanks, I’m not one but you saw me, now I’m leaving.” The kindness in her voice had left. She wasn’t sure if he was being serious or just being weird but she wasn’t going to stick around and figure it out. Walking off she felt a slight comfort of leaving but still in the back of her mind she was worried. A few steps down the avenue she glanced back. She couldn’t see him. The pounding of her heart was slowing down as she reached a pretzel vendor on the sidewalk. Waiting in line she glanced at her phone. A shadow of a person crept up behind her.

“You’s thought you would gets away from me?” the stranger with the southern draw said as he approached Catori from behind. Her heart dropped. She had to remain calm. Quickly she turned around.

“Look, stop following me. I don’t know who you are or what you want but leave me alone.” Her voice was very demanding.

“Oooooh gurl….I’s just wanted to get another look at your gorgeous face.” His toothless grin made her feel like she was in some backwoods movie. Her stomach was turning. He was so close to her she could smell the tobacco on his breath. She turned her head away.

“I’m warning you. Stay away from me.” Leaving the pretzel vendor line she quickly picked up her pace. Heading down the busy avenue she tried to dart in and out of the crowd. The city was huge she knew she could get away. A few blocks down the road, glancing over her shoulder she swallowed her fear to see if the stranger was gone. He was nowhere to be found. A deep sigh of relief exhaled from her lungs. She hurried into a little café on the corner to relax her weary feet. Finding an empty booth in the back she climbed into the seat and felt more at ease. The waitress brought over a glass of water and a menu. The wet drink felt good going down Catori’s dry throat. Gulping a few sips her body felt more at ease.

“Gotcha” An arm reached around the corner of the bench and latched onto her hand. She knew it was the frightening stranger. “All’s I want to do is ask you out” His face appeared around the corner creeping closer as he climbed onto the bench. She was trapped. He slipped her phone away from her hand and moved closer to her face. “You’s are mine.” His smile grew bigger.

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4 Responses to The Frightening Stranger

  1. Alan says:

    Great suspense! I’m worried about Catori!

  2. Bill says:

    Scary. Perhaps a little more dialogue?

  3. darnellreid3 says:

    I think that they might just hook up.

  4. lcirigli says:

    Great job, it kept me reading. Good suspense good writing.

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