Cowboy versus Cowgirl – MD1 Ex 2

Cowboy versus Cowgirl

Walking out of the Bay department store downtown, Bill was strutting with his new western cut suit, western shirt, string tie and cowboy boots. He cut a striking figure, tall, dark and handsome and he knew it.  Stampede week in Calgary, the women and the booze were flowing readily and he was ready for it.  Downtown would become riotous in a few more hours – street parties and cheap drinks all within crawling distance.

Standing on the C-train platform waiting for his train home, Bill was accosted by a young female.

“Hey, mister, ya wanna party?” she said as she leaned into his personal space.

Stepping back, Bill assessed the young women – barely twenty, pock-marked face, greasy hair and heavy makeup. The blue mascara and bright red lips reminded him of a clown caricature.  Her pink western blouse was frayed and soiled.  Her skin tight jeans were ripped and frayed at the knees and the pockets.  What was with that Bill wondered, who could consider ripped clothes as stylish or sexy?  A pair of expensive pink snakeskin cowboy boots seem incongruous with the rest of her outfit.

Bill sighed “I am at least twice your age. Don’t you I think I am a little too old for you?”

Batting her eyes at him, she replied loudly “Oh no, mister, you’ll like partying with me. I can make you feel real good.”  People on the platform started to stare at him and began shaking their heads.

“I am not interested. Please leave me alone.” Bill said sternly but quietly.

She grabs his arm and said loudly “I have some blow, let’s get high.”

Bill tried to step away but the women quietly threatens “I will scream and say you were forcing me to come to your place for sex.”

Bill whines “What will it take for you to just leave me alone?”

The women holds out her other hand expectantly. Bill puts a $50 bill in her free hand and shakes free of the one grabbing his arm.

“Now get lost you little scamp. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

He couldn’t believe he had been hustled. “I must have dropped my guard. I did dress up like a mark from out of town for the Stampede.  Lesson learned,” Bill thought.


About Bill

I am semi-retired and live on acreage along a river in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have written scientific papers all my life and now am dabbling in fiction and enjoying it. I will try to provide comments on others work and appreciate any on mine
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3 Responses to Cowboy versus Cowgirl – MD1 Ex 2

  1. Mstories says:

    I like it, The style was nice and you really did bring out the character and the feelings in the story.

  2. darnellreid3 says:

    It was a great twist, after thinking that she would get him to go with her.

  3. Betty says:

    great job. I didn’t see the twist coming. The dialogue was very good. I could hear
    this conversation.

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