Encounter with a Slug – Lesson 1 – Stranger Approaches

Kelly was on her way to a job interview. She had just stepped out of the subway train when she noticed a man who was standing around near the wall of the subway station then he approached her.

“Do you want to go out with me,” the man asked Kelly.

Kelly kept on walking but the man slinked on beside her like a slug. “I’m on my way to a job interview, goodbye.”

Kelly proceeded to get on the escalator but the man followed. Kelly tried to pretend that she didn’t notice him even though he was on the step right behind her. “Do you like stalking women in the subway?” she asked

“I just want to get to know you,” said the man.

“No you don’t,” said Kelly. “And you wouldn’t want to get to know me, you slug.”

The man grabbed her. Kelly took her purse and smacked him on top of the head. “You’re disgusting, you little pervert. Leave me alone.”

The man backed off in surprise and slightly hurt or more like slightly shocked that someone would smack him with a purse. Kelly then walked up the escalator not waiting for it to take her to the top. When she got outside in the fresh air and the sun, the man gave up and went away.

Kelly then walked across the street to the building where her interview was and took the elevator. “I really wonder if I do want this job after all if I’m going to be stalked in the subway station every time I come to work here. This is a bad section of town even though one side of the street is bad and the other is good but I can’t move the dividing line because of where the subway is.”

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2 Responses to Encounter with a Slug – Lesson 1 – Stranger Approaches

  1. Bill says:

    Good job on the dialogue.

    May want to describe the man a bit more than just a slug.

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