Lesson one homework

Writing Character Profiles – Questionnaire 1 (Adult Characters)
Name: willow
Age: 27
General physical description: short, long blonde hair, wears casual dresses, plain, not a ton of makeup, tattoos,  silver jewelry 
Hometown: Philadelphia 
Type of home/ neighborhd: residential,  quiet, apartment
Relationship status: single 
Current family: older married sister, nephew 13
Family background (parents, previous marriages, etc.):not many boyfriends,  parents deceased 
Friends: Ava from work, some co-workers 
Other close relationships: her sister, Cianna
Relationship with men:not outgoing quiet around men
Relationship with women: quiet at firsf not many close friends
Dress style:casual, dresses mostly 
Religion: raised Catholic into wicca
Attitude to religion: private doesn’t  share with others, has deep faith in what she believes 
Favorite pastimes:music, animals, nature, helping others 
Hobbies: hiking, nature , and music
Favorite sports:not athletic
Favorite foods: cheeseburgers, chocolate cake, 
Strongest positive personality trait: kind helps others loyal
Strongest negative personality trait: too trusting can’t say no,
Sense of humor: yes unless directed at her
Temper: let’s things remain bottled up 
Consideration for others: very puts others first always
How other people see him/her:kind nice sweet
Opinion of him/herself: tends to see negative and not give herself credit
Other traits, especially those to be brought out in story: sticking up for herself, too trusting, get out of her comfort zone
Ambitions: find someone she can share her life with, be successful, help others
Philosophy of life: put others first help if she can 
most important thing to know about this character:she is a good person, always tries to help 
Will readers like or dislike this character, and why I think they will relate to her. They will see what it’s like when they strive to constantly be there for everyone. I think they will learn about standing up for oneself. I think they will see there are good people out there.
Job: works in office at a local hotel


 “Ava, it’s such a nice day, I think I’ll sit outside for my break, “I said that afternoon.
“Alright, just remember we have to run these numbers.”
“No problem, I’ll get on them when I get back,” I said, smiling.
I grabbed my coffee and muffin, heading to the lobby. I sat on the bench and sipped my coffee. I watched the new arrivals unload their luggage. People went over brochures and tour books. As I ate my muffin, I spotted someone looking at me from across the street.  As I reached for my napkin, he walked towards me.
“Hi, I don’t mean to disturb you,” he said timidly. 
“No, it’s alright.”
“Can I ask you something?”
“Would, I mean can you, will you have lunch or coffee with me?”
“That’s so sweet! I’m sorry, did I meet you somewhere before?”
“I’m John, I saw you in the hotel, and on the bus tour.”
“Oh, yes, you sell tour tickets!”
“Yes, that’s me!”
He was about 5’6″. He had light hair that was just above his shoulders. He was thin with no muscles or physique.  He had faded pants and a blue shirt. His shoes were worn and old. His smile was startling. He had teeth missing, and the rest were discolored. He was very plain looking with dark eyes. His ears were protruding, holding back his hair which was unstyled.  I forced a smile trying to hide my staring.
“John, I am really flattered.”
“So you’ll go out with me?”
“You know, this week is really hectic for me.”
“Maybe next week then?”
“You know what, I usually head over to the bus during the week, how about I take a raincheck for now!”
“Awesome! I’ll be over there Friday and Monday!”
“I’ll see you soon, have a good afternoon,” I said forcing a smile.
“Thanks, see you soon!” He answered, heading off enthusiastically.
I didn’t want to lead him on, yet I felt bad turning him down.  I went back to my tasks, silently hoping I could let him down without hurting his feelings.

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  1. Bill says:

    Good description of the man.

    Believable dialogue.

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