How Big a Bob Job MD 2 ex 3

How Big a Bob Job

Bob and Sally had become quite comfortable in their two-year old relationship. Cuddling up on the couch watching TV after supper was their daily downtime.  Bob looked over at Sally and innocently asked “Have you ever considered cosmetic surgery?”

Sally sat upright, turned and faced Bob. “Why, what is wrong with me?” she yelled.

Holding his hands up, Bob replied “Whoa, whoa, there is nothing “wrong” with you, it just that you could be enhanced.”

“What needs enhancing? Aren’t you satisfied with me?  You’re not perfect you know!”

“Hmm, a boob job would be nice. You could actually show some cleavage.  You can easily go from an A to a C cup.”

“Well, I have complained in the past that I am as flat-chested as a board. But the surgery costs are over $10,000, so I never gave it much thought.”

“I would be pleased to pay for it, especially since I am the one asking for it.”

Sitting back into the couch, Sally thought about the practical details such a surgery would entail. Time off work, a ride to and fro, the risk of surgery, potential for scarring, short term and long term recovery periods.  This was not something to take lightly.

Looking at Bob, she said “I would likely miss a week of work and then not be able to do anything physical for up to 6 weeks.”

“Don’t you have some holidays left? And I would be willing to cook and look after the apartment for the 6 weeks.”

“Well, I do have some holidays left and if you are willing to look after things for 6 weeks that would certainly help.”

“So do you want to do it?” Bob asked hopefully.

“Maybe, I just don’t know. This is a big step for me – changing the way I look.  Surgery kinda scares me.  I’ll have to think about it.”

“OK, it’s your body, your call.”

They resumed watching the TV show and minutes later Bob was already immerse into the intrigues of the show. Meanwhile, Sally was busy smiling as she pictured herself on the beach in a new yellow C cup bikini.  She would definitely need all new bras, and tops, and maybe a whole new wardrobe.  Her friends would be so impressed and some of the flat-chested ones may even be jealous.   Where adolescence had failed her, now perhaps medicine could fix her.

“This could be fun,” she thought.

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I am semi-retired and live on acreage along a river in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have written scientific papers all my life and now am dabbling in fiction and enjoying it. I will try to provide comments on others work and appreciate any on mine
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2 Responses to How Big a Bob Job MD 2 ex 3

  1. jude says:

    A very different type of setting and dialogue. Makes for an interesting read. I enjoyed the way you wrote the dialogue as I think it contrasts the couple’s responses.

  2. KSCollier says:

    I liked his approach and willingness to help her. Great dialogue. What could have turned out disastrous, ended up to both their advantage. That’s what made them a couple. Took him two years to approach the conversation. LOL!

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