The Cheese Cake Date. Lesson 1.

A Cheese Cake Date.                             Lesson 1  Mastering Dialogue

Cherie felt the warmth of the sun on her back as she jogged with the twins’ stroller along the footpath. It felt so good to escape the confines of their tiny flat and feel the seasonal changes.

She’d succumbed to the temptation to stop at the Bakery and purchase two tartlets to enjoy when she reached the park. The twins were nearly seven months and loved to sit upright watching all the action. As she entered the park Cherie found a seat and sat down to relax. The babies were looking up into the branches and watching the noisy lorikeets squabbling above them.

She took a bite of the cheese cake and savoured it as she checked her emails. She became aware of movement and raised her head. An elderly man was shuffling along the pathway. She could hear his laboured breaths as he supported himself with his walking stick. Cherie recognised him as one of the local street people – his battered felt hat was pulled down low on his forehead. His old coat was faded and stained and too heavy for the warmth of the day.

He was almost in front of her and as she looked up she knew her face was registering shock. His face was a distorted mask – his features only partially recognizable. He must have suffered terrible burns. She glanced at his hand on the walking stick. Knuckles not fingers.

The babies’ heads had turned and they were smiling at him. He hesitated catching his breath.

“ I usually need a rest here. Could I sit beside you for a few minutes?” His words were softly spoken and the voice sounded much younger than she had expected.

“Of course. It’s a beautiful sunny spot.” She moved a little further along the seat and he eased himself down. The twins were watching, babbling to each other.

“I’m a twin. An identical twin.” He shook his head. “But not anymore.”

Cherie picked up the second tartlet in the bag beside her.

“Would you like to share a cheese cake with me?”

There was a pause. The twisted hand reached towards her.

“Thank-you. I’d enjoy a cheese cake date.” Cherie felt the smile in his words.

“Can you tell me about being a twin?”

He looked at the babies. Cherie waited. She sensed he would begin to tell his story. She was a patient listener.


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I live in Brisbane Australia. I am retired and enjoy writing as one of my hobbies along with camping and community activities.
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  1. Bill says:

    Great job, I loved the story.
    Set the scene nice and finished with believable dialogue.

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