Exscuse me; Mstories

Meghan walked in the front door of her home and dropped her key’s into the dish on the stand by the door. She looked up when she heard Bill come out of the kitchen.

“We have to talk.”

His tone was foreboding and Meghan’s shoulders tensed. She could already guess where exactly where this conversation was going. She had known for several months that she and bill would be breaking up. She followed Bill into the kitchen and took a seat at the island.

“I think you should have plastic surgery for your hands.”

Meghan balked.

“Excuse me.”

She said surprised.

“You need plastic surgery, as I’m now CEO for the company it wouldn’t due to have my future fiance having hands that look like they belonged to the grim reaper.”

Meghan tensed. Her hand’s had been burned in a house fire when she pulled her little sister out from under a pile of ruble. She carried the burns as memoirs to remind her of how fragile life is. Bill knew this and for him to be suggesting her to get rid of this part of her life. No, no more. Meghan stood up and started for the door.

“Where are you going?” Bill asked standing and starting after her. When he grabbed her hand Meghan slapped him. Bill stared at her in shock and Meghan continued to the door and stopped, before looking back at him.

“There’s a song by Bowling for soup called ‘High school never ends’. If your shallow enough to really care about the fact that these are scar’s I earned saving lives then I think this relation ship was a mistake. You can find me when your sure which is more important.”

And that was the end of the conversation. Meghan walked out without a single backward glance leaving Bill standing there.

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One Response to Exscuse me; Mstories

  1. Bill says:

    Great story with quite the twist.

    “We have to talk.” is always fear inspiring.

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