The Redecorator. Lesson 2

The Redecorator.                         Dialogue         Lesson 2

Chrissie glanced at the text message – arriving 12.30 Sydney airport. Her parents, Marie and Ben, would soon be returning from their holiday. She was excited about the surprise she had in store for them.

Her parents had built a small flat in their back yard and Chrissie had gradually learnt to be independent. Her support worker visited twice a week and with her assistance Chrissie was able to manage her finances and daily living needs. She loved social activities and especially Sci Fi movies like Star Wars which she would watch over and over. Inside the flat was a testament to her collection of favourite characters.

Chrissie was waiting at the door for the key to turn in the lock.  Mum and Dad would never guess what she had found on EBay.

The door opened and her parents stepped into their living area.

“Chrissie!” Marie’s voice was a shriek.

“You’ve been busy love, while we’ve been away.” Ben sounded calmer.

“Where did this…this… junk come from?”

“I found it on EBay and the lady said she’d deliver it as I didn’t have a car. She helped me carry it inside.”

“Where did you get the money from, love?”

“I told the bank lady I was going on a holiday.” Chrissie grinned, proud of her purchase. “The lady said I got a bargain for $500.”

“I’m getting a coffee.” Marie walked into the kitchen. A scream echoed through the rooms.

“Ben. Come here! Get this monster outside.” Ben was holding Chrissie’s hand.

“I think Chewbacca needs to be on the patio. He’s a bit dusty. We’ll carry him out together.” They lifted the life size character from the chair and gathering it under the arms headed for the sliding glass doors.

“The coffee mugs. The mugs are gone.” Marie’s voice was rising. “They’re all Star Wars mugs.” She flung open the other cupboard doors.

“Have you been upstairs Chrissie?”

“No Mum. I’ve put everything else in the lounge room for you.” Marie walked hesitantly into the room. Large Star Wars photos hung on the walls.

“Where are the pictures? Our family holiday pictures?”

Chrissie shook her head, confused. Her mum was angry not happy.

Ben scanned the room.

“Chrissie has taken a long time to hang the pictures and scatter these cushions and rugs around. Let’s have that coffee first and then we’ll see what to do. Come here Chrissie and show me which one is your favourite. I think I know which picture you’ll choose. Is it Yoda or Darth Vader?”

Marie walked into the kitchen and leant against the wall, breathing deeply.

“Thank goodness for Ben’s gentle approach. Star Wars! Why did we ever give her that DVD set?” She could hear Ben quietly commenting and Chrissie’s eager replies.

“Be positive.” Marie spoke firmly to herself. “It could have been worse. What if Chrissie had paid even more for the tattered remnants of someone’s pre-loved collection? She reached for the coffee mugs. “Thank goodness for Ben’s love and understanding.” Her glance took in the kitchen bench – light sabre or life saver.

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3 Responses to The Redecorator. Lesson 2

  1. Priyam_m says:

    Interesting read. The shock and excitement were well brought out. The only thing that I didn’t quite understand was the connection you made between social work and stars in this sentence: “She loved social activities and especially Sci Fi movies “

    • jude says:

      Thanks for responding. I had social activities meaning interacting with others not social work as in counselling. The ” stars” related to the popular movie series Star Wars which belong to the Science Fiction genre and she had used memorabilia from the series in her redecorating. Hope that makes it less confusing.

  2. Bill says:

    Great story, I like the contrasting approach of the parents. Very often the case.

    Surprised the case worker did not step in?

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