Creative Hand Lesson Two Exercise One

“I thank you for your ideas. I am a pragmatic person myself,” Amanda said. “So, we should work well together.” “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow and I believe Mark will be surprised and enthused about what we will accomplish this next week”. Amanda watched as Bonnie was about to leave the office.
“Thank you, Amanda,” Bonnie said. “I look forward to making our ideas a reality”.   “And, bright and early, tomorrow”, she reiterated. “I’ll bring the coffee”, Bonnie added.
“Oh”, Amanda said, raising her arm to get Bonnie’s attention. “It would be wonderful if, perhaps, we could be so indulgent as to also purchase a few of those buttery croissants, they taste heavenly.” Amanda pursed her lips in anticipation.
Bonnie gave a slight wave in affirming Amanda’s request. “Tomorrow it is,” Bonnie said walking out the door.

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  1. Bill says:

    May want to use paragraph breaks between speakers. Wasn’t sure who was speaking at times.

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