Lesson 4

( Sara is waiting at a restaurant  and every once in a while staring out of the window. She sees Jamil walk to the entrance of the restaurant )

Jamil: So you have been waiting? Sorry about that. (Pulling back the chair with a screech )
Sara: ( places her hands to her ears) Please don’t — Please!!
Jamil: ( nonchalantly) What will I NOT do, please? ( still Standing)
Sara: Do sit down. Nothing . It’s just that I cannot bear this kind of sound. The screech of the fork on a plate, and this screech of the chair.
Jamil: (sits down looks this way and that )
Sara ( hold his hand) I can’t believe that finally, we are here. It is our first date. We have been talking for the longest time.
Jamil: (Flipping through the menu) What will you have?
Sara: Let’s order the starter first ( she looks into the menu) while we decide on the main dish and dessert. How about calamari for a starter?
Jamil: For me just plain water.

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5 Responses to Lesson 4

  1. Bill says:

    Your dialogue is quite believable.

    I am not familiar with the way you formatted your dialogue.

  2. Bill says:

    That makes sense.

  3. Sara says:

    I guess for me a dialogue is connected to a play. I was thinking of a scene from a play . Yes a script as pointed out by hellomynameis. . Thank u for the discussion

  4. Priyam_m says:

    It’s like a TV serial! Quick flowing dialogue

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