The Haunting MD 5

The Haunting

Bob arrived home promptly at 5:30 pm as usual from his job as produce stocker at the nearby grocery chain. It pays the bills but is quite boring, so Bob often looked for other challenges in his life.  Sally, his wife, was more the shy stay-at-home type.  This was about to change.

“Sally,” Bob yelled out. “I got something important to tell you!”

Sally hurried to the living room to see Bob flushed and beaming. “What is it dear?” she asked.

“Count Chocolo Cereal is sponsoring a contest. If you spend one night in a haunted house, you win $10,000.”

“Oh, isn’t that nice.”

“I think we can win the contest.”

And just where is this house?” Sally asks, being distracted by the kids playing in the street outside.

“It’s in Montreal. People were actually beheaded in the house.  The one bedroom has had no occupants for over 200 years.  No one lasts the night they say”

“That’s appealing. How would we get there?”  Sally responded, hoping the kids didn’t kick the ball to her beautiful flower patch that she lovingly tends.

“That’s the beauty of it. If selected they would fly us out there and put us in a nice hotel with a final last meal prior to the haunted night.”

“Lovely,” Sally rolled her eyes. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch really,” Bob replied defensively. “They do require advertising rights and some TV appearances by us.”

“Oh, Bob, you know how shy I am,” as dread covered Sally’s face.

“Just think if we win, we could use half to go on a cruise and the other half to finance your home-based advertising business. The contest publicity wouldn’t hurt your business either.”

“Well, I can see you are really excited about this. Why don’t you submit an application?”  Sally continued to look out at the kids as a distraction.

“I knew you would see it my way. I already submitted an application early last week,” Bob gushed at Sally.  “We have been selected as one of the final six contestants.  Boy, this is going to be fun.”

“Fun?” Sally whispered.

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