over a cup of coffee.

Elizabeth was a creature of habit, every morning at 6 a clock sharp she ran four miles then would stop at her neighborhood Starbucks her favorite chocolate mocha. but this particular morning start out with a rain storm; so she opted out for the coffee, no need for the day to be a total bust. While she ordered her coffee she noticed a strange young man eyeing her from his table, and instead of bringing any unwanted attention to herself she pulled out her phone and pretended to text someone. out of the corner of her eye she noticed the young man began to approach her; not today she thought just not in the mood before she knew it he was standing before her.  Hello,  I couldn’t help but notice you from my table. my name is William do you come here often. Elizabeth looked at him as if he spoke a foreign language. He wasn’t attractive at all ,which made the situation even more akward and of course she would never consider being rude. Hello she said, and yes I come here for my daily fix while pointing to her cup of steamy joe, its close to work she said while making her way to the door. yeah its close to my place as well, said William so is there anyway I can convince you to maybe meet me here tomorrow morning. share a cup of coffee with a beautiful young lady it would be the perfect start of my day. well that sounds very tempting, as she was thinking I wish I was any where but here right now and now I have to find a new coffee shop, damn. thank you, William is it? yes he said with way too much excitement. I would but I am in a realationship I am sorry NOT; she thought, as she looked at her watch well I best be going don’t want to be late, but it was nice meeting you William. you as well he said, yeah I should be going as well tell your guy he’s very lucky, she gave him a nice farewell smile and said I will thank you, nice to have met you she said while leaving the shop. You as well he said feeling a little embarrassed, you as well.

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2 Responses to over a cup of coffee.

  1. Karen Levy says:

    Your piece is good for the dialogue and the scene but it lacks punctuation and paragraphs. There are run on sentences that means where there is a comma there should be a period. There should be quote marks around where people are talking.

  2. Bill says:

    Agree with Karen the piece is good but very hard to read without quotes and other punctuation. Paragraphs help increase readability.

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