Lesson 5 – Flipped House / Haunted House

“Kelly, I read that they have that flipped house for sale now.  It’s finally been fixed up and renovated,” said Jim.  “Looks like we’ll finally be able to afford a home.”

“That sounds great.  It’s a flipped house?” asked Kelly.

“Yes, that’s right,” said Jim.  “Is there a problem?  It is a cheaper mortgage when you buy flipped houses.”

“Where did you see the ad?” asked Kelly.

“In the newspaper,” replied Jim.

“Could I see it?” asked Kelly.

Jim went and retrieved the paper from a stack he had on the coffee table and gave it to Kelly.

Kelly took the paper and looked at the article and then went and sat at her computer to look up more information about the house on the internet.  “Look here, Jim.  It says this house had been in a fire that was really a cover for a murder.”

Jim then peered over Kelly to have a look at what she was seeing on the computer.  “Yeah, so,” replied Jim.

“So?” said Kelly.  “There was a murder.”

“Are you afraid of ghosts?” asked Jim.

“Of course not,” said Kelly.  “But it’s creepy.”

“There is a rent to buy option,” said Jim.  “I’m going down to the mortgage lender tomorrow.”

“Oh?” said Kelly.

That afternoon Jim returned home with the papers he signed for his new house.

“We’re moving in to the new house in thirty days.” said Jim.

“Oh, I see,” said Kelly.  Kelly then left the apartment, got in her car and went to the new house that Jim signed the preliminary papers for.   She came upon the neighborhood and house.  She got out of the car and stood on the sidewalk in front of the house.  A neighbor, a woman walked by.  “Are you thinking of buying that house?” asked the neighbor.

“Yes, I believe my husband already did,” replied Kelly.

“Did you know that the house is haunted?” said the neighbor.  “When the house burned down a woman was killed in there.  They say she comes out at night in there as a ghost.”

“Oh,” said Kelly.  “Thanks for the information.”  Kelly was hesitant about the whole idea of buying this house but she got curious instead.  After she thanked the neighbor she walked through the gate and into the yard of her new home and walked up to the front door and went in.  She walked into the living room.  She surveyed the kitchen.  Then she walked upstairs into a bedroom.  When she walked into the bedroom she was shook with terror.  KELLY was written on the bedroom wall in blood.  “Oh, my God!” Kelly screamed.  She raced back down the stairs and through the front door so fast she forgot to lock the door.  Kelly got into her car, revved up the engine and raced home to her apartment.

Kelly walked through the door of her apartment. “Jim, there are ghosts in that new house you bought!”

“What?” exclaimed Jim.

“There are ghosts in the house,” replied Kelly.  “I went over there and walked upstairs.  My name was painted in blood on the wall in the bedroom.”

“Nonsense,” said Jim.  “It was probably some prank played by someone.”

“A neighbor there told me the house was haunted,” said Kelly.  “That a ghost of a woman who died in the fire comes out at night.”

“Oh, really?” said Jim.

Thirty days later, in spite of the resistance Kelly and Jim settled into their new home.  Kelly and Jim sat on the sofa in the living room in front of a fireplace.  The logs were crackling from the flames burning.  Kelly and Jim were drinking Margaritas and resting after all the hard work of moving in to their new home.

“I’m getting sleepy,” said Kelly.  “It’s midnight.”

“Yes, lets go to bed now,” replied Jim.

They both left their Margarita glasses on the coffee table in front of them by the coach deciding to deal with the dishes in the morning.  They were exhausted from the move.

They walked upstairs together and entered the bedroom.  They got dressed into their bed clothes and snuggled together into the bed.  They both went sound asleep.  The clock struck one o’clock a.m.  There was a breeze that rattled the bedroom window.  Kelly woke up.  The window blew open and Kelly got up to shut it.  Kelly closed the window and climbed back into the bed.  It woke up Jim.

“What’s going on?” asked Jim.

“The window came open with the wind,” said Kelly.

The window started to rattle again against the wind but did not open.  The door to the bedroom started to rattle.  Something was trying to turn the door knob but couldn’t get in.

“What’s going on?” asked Kelly.

“That’s a pretty rough wind storm,” said Jim.

Then a woman’s voice came through the cracks in the wall.

“Help me,” said the voice.

“Did you hear that?” asked Kelly.

“Oh, it was probably the wind again,” said Jim.

“Help me,” said the voice again.  Then a ghost of the woman appeared in the middle of the bedroom.

“Do you see her?” asked Kelly.

“See what?” asked Jim.  He had his head halfway under his pillow and blanket.

“A ghost,” exclaimed Kelly.

“Are you sure you’re not seeing things?” asked Jim.  “My!  We only had one Margarita before going to bed.”

“Oh, come on, Jim,” said Kelly.  “Look.  Take the covers off your head.  She’s standing there beckoning us.”

Jim pushed back his pillow and rolled back his blanket and sat straight up and looked straight ahead toward the center of the room.  “It’s a ghost,” he said.

“My God,” said Kelly.  “A ghost!  We’re going to die!  Oh, Jim we’ve got to get out of here.”

“Not so soon,” said Jim.  “Maybe, we did have too much to drink but I’ll get the pepper spray.”

Jim got up out of the bed and reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a can of pepper spray.  He moved toward the ghost.

“Be careful, Jim,” exclaimed Kelly.

Jim sprayed the pepper spray but the ghost only came forward with her arms spread out and said, “Help me.”  Needless to say but the spray went right through the ghost.  Instead of hurting the ghost Jim and Kelly started to choke on the fumes.

“We’ve got to get out of here,” said Kelly.  Still choking on the pepper spray, she ran for the door and tried to open it.  She yanked on the door several times but it wouldn’t open.  “The door won’t open,” she said.

“Oh, just go back to sleep,” said Jim.  “The ghost can’t hurt us.”

“Go back to sleep?” asked Kelly.  “The ghost is going to kill us.”

“It’s just a hallucination,” said Jim.  “There are no ghosts.”

“We can’t get out,” said Kelly.  “Make it go away.  Please, Jim.  I’m scared.”

Jim then thinking of the Middle Ages because what else is there to do, he pulled out a cross from his night table drawer and held it upright in front of him, walked toward the ghost with it and she then disappeared.  “What do you know,” said Jim.  “It worked.”

“Thank God,” said Kelly.  “The ghost went away but we’ve got to get out of here.  We can’t buy this house, Jim.”

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2 Responses to Lesson 5 – Flipped House / Haunted House

  1. Bill says:

    Good use of dialogue. Intriguing story, I wonder how you get out of a mortgage due to a haunting.

    • klevy says:

      Maybe, you couldn’t but the deal was the house was a rent to buy opportunity. Also, when I looked it up on the internet I think in some places you may be able to get out of the commitment due to the house being haunted but I really don’t know to tell you the truth.

      Thanks for your comment.

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