Intervention MD7


“I am not who you think I am,” said Bob to his long-time Lodge buddy, Sam.

“Really?” responded Sam. “How do you know what I think about you?”

“I bet you see me as a God-fearing church-going man, a community volunteer, a soccer coach and a family man.”

“That’s all true but I don’t see a perfect man. We all have our faults.”

“The daytime persona you observe hides an evil secret. At night, my true self emerges.  I am a devil worshipper, a follower of Satan.”

“I see your trying to shock me but you telling me this, is an obvious cry for help,” Sam replied placing his hands on Bob’s shoulders.

“I am not sure I want to change,” Bob whispered.

“Let’s approach Father Donovan for help in this spiritual matter.”

Sam arranged for Bob and himself to see Father Donovan at the church the next day. He had discussed on the phone the situation with the Father in hopes of an intervention.

Sam and Bob arrived at the church to find Father Donovan praying at the altar. Father Donovan rose and greeted them, “Please have a seat in the front pew.”

Father Donovan placed his hands on Bob’s shoulders and looked him in the eyes saying “Are you willing to renounce Satan and all the powers of evil?”

“Father I am not sure I can or I want to,” replied Bob.

“What is the hold that the Lord of Darkness has on you?”

“The feeling of power and freedom.”

“Surely you understand the power is evil which breeds evil and the freedom a false freedom as you are serving the Dark Lord.”

“I do understand all that but I feel powerless to stop.”

The Father squeezing Bob’s shoulders implored “If you continue down this pathway you will lose all that is good – family, friends, community and church.”

“Help me — Father — please help me, I don’t know what to do” pleaded Bob.

Father asked Sam to place his hands on Bob as well. They would pray over Bob to exorcise the demon thereby healing Bob and giving him his life back.  Bob’s role would be to renounce the evil that had taken root in his soul.

Father Donovan began “Our dear Lord and Redeemer, redeem this broken man and free his soul from evil.  Bath him in your light driving away the darkness of the Evil One.  Do you Bob renounce all the powers of evil?”

“Yes, I renounce them,” Bob replied feeling the darkness starting to leave him.

“We ask our Lord Jesus Christ to lift up Bob and strengthen him in his times of need. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen”

At that moment energy flowed from both Sam and the Father into Bob. Bob glowed in a soft white light, the darkness completely erased from his soul.  Bob opened his eyes, smiled and said “Thank you, Father.”

“Don’t thank me. Thank the Lord and put your trust in him.”


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I am semi-retired and live on acreage along a river in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have written scientific papers all my life and now am dabbling in fiction and enjoying it. I will try to provide comments on others work and appreciate any on mine
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  1. klevy says:

    I attend a Methodist Church on Sunday that really has a lot going for it but if it really was as simple as, I give my life to Jesus Christ and all my problems would melt away, I wouldn’t have any problems. People like the character in your piece usually do backslide.

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