Lesson 7 – Jake and Susan

“I just killed your dad,” said Jake as he walked out of the father’s living room where the murder was committed.

“Oh, he was just nothing but an ole’ stick in the mud,” said Susan.  “Who cares about him?  He was going to turn you in to the police when he found out you robbed that 7-11.  Good riddance.”

Jake held Susan close.  Then he said, “We’ve got to get out of here before he’s discovered and the police come.”

So, the two of them hopped in Jake’s car and rode off.  Jake turned on the radio.  On the radio came a pop song.  A man sang, “I feel like bustin’ loose, bustin’ loose…”  They came upon this motel and checked in.

“Now, we’re here where nobody can bother us,” said Susan to Jake.

One day Susan had met Jake when she had been walking down her street where she lived and found him attractive.  Then he came on strong and said he loved her.  He seemed exciting to her.  Susan was lonely with no friends.  She had been picked on in school.  Now, here was her man right in front of her.  She figured they’d have a lot of exciting times together even though on the onset, robbing places wasn’t her thing but she loved him and wanted to be with somebody.

Inside the motel room Jake switched on the TV.  The news came on.  “There’s been an armed robbery at the 7-11 at 17th Street in the Hanover district last night.  If you recognize this suspect in the video, call police.”

Jake had been wearing a face mask during the robbery.  So, maybe no one would recognize him except for Susan’s father who was now dead.

“Now we’re together where nobody can find us or hurt us,” said Susan.

Jake then wrapped his arms around Susan and they both flopped in the bed.  They started to make love together.  Jake was kissing Susan lying on top of her when it continued on the news, “The suspect was wearing a pair of purple tennis shoes and a tan coat,” said the news broadcaster.  “If you’ve seen anybody with this description, call police.”

Susan and Jake briefly look up from their love making to look at the TV.

“There’s got to be a million people who wear purple sneakers and a tan coat,” said Jake to Susan.

“Yeah,” said Susan.  “They’ll never find us.”

They continued to make love and totally blocked out the noise on the TV from their minds as they made love.

“Did you see that?” asked the clerk in the motel office to his manager.  The clerk pointed to the TV hooked up on the wall.  “Didn’t we just check in a boy and a girl, the boy who was wearing the purple sneakers and a tan coat?”

“Yes,” said the motel manager.  “I suppose I do remember the details because that was the first time I’d seen purple sneakers.”

“What do you suppose we should do?” asked the clerk.

“I guess to be on the safe side, we should call the police,” replied the manager.  The manager then dialed for the police.

Jake and Susan were still in their motel room making out.  Then Jake stopped to switch the TV channel.  When he switched to another station another news broadcast came on.  “Kurt Mendelson was found dead in his living room this evening when his wife walked in and discovered the body.”

“They’ve discovered the body,” said Susan.  “It’s on the five o’clock news.  Was he really that important to be on the five o’clock news?”

Jake went to have a look out the window.  He drew back the curtain a tad and had a look.  “There’s a police car parked in the parking lot out there,” he said.

Susan rolled out of the bed and walked up to the window to have a look.

“Let’s get our stuff and get going,” said Jake.

Jake and Susan gathered their belongings and headed out the door.  They got into Jake’s car and drove down the highway.

Inside the motel office the policeman said to the motel manager, “Purple sneakers?  Okay, we’ll give it a look.”

The motel manager led the policeman to Jake and Susan’s motel room.  The policeman knocked on the door.  “Open up, police!”

There was no answer.  The hotel manager unlocked the door and they both went in.  The policeman looked in the bedroom and the bathroom.  No one was home.

“Did you get the license plate of the tenant?” asked the policeman to the manager.

“Yes,” said the manager.  “It is CCB803.  He was driving a blue Toyota Camry.  We always obtain this information in case a guest decides to skip out on paying the daily rooming fee.”

“Give it twenty-four hours,” advised the policeman.  “If you don’t hear from this tenant then if he doesn’t pay the rooming fee, we’ll send out a warrant for his arrest.”

The policeman had to do it this way because just because the tenant was wearing purple sneakers didn’t mean that he was the robbery suspect.

Jake and Susan where riding down the road when Susan said, “You’ve got to do something about those purple sneakers and tan coat.”

“Good idea,” replied Jake.

“You’ve really got to do something about those purple sneakers,” said Susan.  “They even glow in the dark.  I mean really.  It’s like they’re a target on your back.  Poor, Jake.”  Then Susan kissed Jake on the cheek and pats his head.

Jake pulled up the Toyota into the parking lot of this department store.  Jake reached across Susan and removed a 38 caliber pistol from the glove compartment and stuffed it down the front of his pants and covered it with his shirt.

Jake and Susan got out of the Toyota and went into the department store.  They both ran up and down the aisles.  They were in a wild frenzy.  Jake grabbed a coat off the rack.  Then he walked to the shoe section of the store.  He saw just the right size and with plain colors, not too gaudy like the purple shoes.  The shoes were on racks stacked above each other.  Pairs of shoes existed beside each other from one pair of shoes to the next on several racks in several rows which of course made it easier to steal them and run.  He grabbed the pair of shoes and with the coat in hand, grabbed Susan and started to run outside the door.

Security happened to catch a glimpse of the Jake and Susan.

“Stop,” said the security manager.  “Where are you going?  You haven’t paid for that merchandize.”

Jake stopped and turned around.  “Oh, yes I did.”

“No, you didn’t,” said the security man.  I’d been watching you on my video camera screen.”

Jake then pulled the gun out of his belt and pointed it at the security man.  Susan grabbed the coat and shoes.  Jake still pointing the gun at the security man, grabbed Susan by the arm and pulled her along until they got back into the Toyota.

Jake revved up the Toyota and sped off.  They sped down the highway when before they knew it, the flashing lights of a police cruiser was right behind them.

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