The Announcement Lesson 6

The Announcement                                 Lesson 6

It was taking Georgina nearly two hours to travel across the city to her parents’ house on the fringe western suburbs.

Her visits weren’t frequent and already she could feel the tension building in her shoulders. Georgina was never going to be the boy her father had desperately wanted. He called her George and had pushed her into football and outdoor activities but even though she’d tried so hard she fell short of his expectations. His staunch Union support had immersed her in politics but at Uni studying Political Science her political orientation had changed. Her announcement today would not go down well. Gina, as all her friends called her, braced herself as she knocked on the door.

“Georgie, love. It’s good to see you.” Maria tried to reach out to her daughter when Rocco was out of hearing. “You’ve bought us lunch. Go see your father. He’s a bit out of sorts today.”

As Gina stepped into the enclosed veranda Rocco was in his recliner chair. He reached out to shake her hand but didn’t stand.

“Hi Dad. You’ve got a warm spot here in the sun.”

“Have to spend a lot of time here these days. Your mob don’t give us miners any compo payments.”

The reference to her work with the Government member was his typical barb. She turned the subject to the Club and some of his mates. She offered to help with the lunch but Maria suggested she should stay with Rocco. Soon they were eating the chicken salad and Gina knew she had to prepare them.

“Mum and Dad, I’ve got some things I need you to know. I’d like you to listen before we discuss them.” There was a snort from the chair.

“Is your mob putting up our pension? Not likely.” Rocco answered his own question.

“No Dad. I’ve resigned from my job with the Member.”

“That’s a relief. Are you going to get a real job now?”

“Georgie. I thought you were happy where you worked.”

Gina hesitated. The worst was yet to come.

“I’ve loved my work and the Member of Parliament who is my boss is a hard working man.”

“Hard working! He wouldn’t last half an hour down in the mine.”

Gina decided to plough on. “You may have heard that an Election is coming up and the Deputy Premier is retiring.”

“And good riddance is what me and my mates say about him and every other poli.”

“Well Dad you probably won’t like what I’m going to tell you next.”

“No surprises there George.”

“Oh Rocco. Just listen up.”

“I’ve had to resign because I have won the Pre-Selection for the Deputy Premier’s seat. It’s what they consider a “blue ribbon” seat so there is a very strong expectation I will be elected as the Member for Springwater.” It was a bombshell. Gina tensed waiting for the outburst. Would this be the final nail in their fragile relationship?

“A poli! A politician! I’ll never be able to put my foot in the Club with my mates again.” His voice was rising. His face reddened.

“Georgie. That’s very upsetting. Are you going to be on tele?”

“That’s why I’m here Mum. This week an announcement will be made and during the build up to the election I’ll be travelling with the Premier. I’m going to probably be on the TV quite a lot.”

“What channel? Well we won’t be watching you or that mob.” Rocco was angry. “Don’t bring your news crew anywhere near us or they’ll really get an earful.”

Rocco began coughing and gasped for breath. Gina hadn’t realised the extent of the lung disease. Maria stood nearby with a glass of water.

“Georgie, you’re upsetting your father, again.” Her mother’s disapproval lay in every word. “You’re upsetting us both. I think you need to leave.”

“I’m sorry Mum and Dad but there’s more I need to say. It’s about the journalists and the TV crews.”

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