Driver Beware

Megan slammed the door of the Norton’s Haulage office as she left.  She couldn’t wait to get home and think about something other than work, work, work.  She loved her job but, at times, she felt like everyone’s mother.  Why’s that truck late, Megan?  Have you checked on the mileage stats, Megan?  Do you know where the Morgan Brothers file is?  Can you just take care of this for me, Megan?  Honestly, these big burly men were more like two-year-olds at times.

Megan hefted up the box of files she was taking home to sort for the archives and set off for her car.

“Gidday, Megan,” called a voice.  One of the truck drivers was coming out of the yard gates.

“Do I know you?” she asked.

“Well, we did meet when I came in to pick up my application form,” said the man, “but I guess you get plenty of guys coming in and out of the office. I’m Steve, the new guy.  I started on Monday.”

“OK.  Nice to meet you, Steve,” said Megan briskly.  “I guess I’ll see you round.”  She carried on but Steve came up beside her.

“Let me take that box for you.  It looks heavy.”

“Thanks but I can manage,” said Megan walking faster.  “My car’s just down here.”

“Bet you’re pleased it’s Friday,” persisted Steve.  “Got any plans for the weekend?  Heh, you don’t fancy going to the stock cars with me tomorrow night do you?  I’ve got a couple of tickets.  We could grab a bite to eat beforehand.”

“Thank you, Steve but I don’t go out with any of the drivers,” said Megan firmly.

“I heard you went out with Greg,” said Steve.  Megan stopped and faced him.

“Well you shouldn’t believe all you hear.  Talk about women being gossips!  This place is full of it.”

“It wasn’t gossip.  Greg told me himself,” said Steve.

“Yeah?  Well Greg is a louse.  Now you know why I don’t go out with drivers,” snapped Megan.  “Do you think I want all you guys comparing notes?  Now, if you don’t mind, I just want to get home.”

Steve stood, open-mouthed, as she hurried away then shrugged his shoulders and walked back the way he had come.

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  1. Nancy Wilson says:

    Hi Daisy,
    I really enjoyed reading this one! Hints at a lot of background info we don’t know about yet.

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