No Future

“How about another glass of wine?” said Jason.  “I’ll order another bottle, shall I?”

“No thank you, said Sarah.” If she had to listen one more story about Jason’s project to restore his vintage Daimler, she would scream.

“Well, shall we go somewhere to dance then?  There’s a great club just around the corner.”

“I really don’t feel like dancing tonight.  I’ve had a particularly busy week.”

“Oh sorry. You must be tired after all that travel,” said Jason. “I should have realised you wouldn’t feel like dancing” He leaned forward and took her hands across the table. “Let’s just go back to my flat then, shall we?  I’d love to hear more about your job.  It sounds really exciting.”

“Thank you” she said withdrawing her hands “but I’d rather not tonight.”

“Why’s that?  Is it something I’ve said? Haven’t you enjoyed the evening?  Most people love coming to Barclays.”

“Jason,” said Sarah.  “The meal was delicious and you’ve been very generous but I would really like to go home now.  I will ask the waiter to order me a taxi.”

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