Now or Never

It’s now or never Zac thought as his parents stood up to leave. “Um, Mum, Dad. I’ve got something to tell you.“

“Yes, OK. Be quick or were going to be late,“ said his mother opening the door.

“I’ve decided to be a tattoo artist.“ Zac waited for the blast.

“Don’t be ridiculous,“ said his mother. “Do you think we sent you to Princedale so you could be a tattoo artist? That’s not a career. That’s a cop out.“

“But art is what I’m good at.”

“What sort of living do you really think you’ll make from tattooing? And what sorts of people will you be mixing with? Gang members? Bikies? Rap singers?“

Zac sighed. He just wished his mother would listen for once before she rubbished every idea he had. “What do you think, Dad?” He turned to his father. His father looked as if he would rather be somewhere, anywhere else.

“Your mother’s got a point, “he said glancing at his wife.

“Of course I have,“ said his mother. “Am I the only one with any sense around here? Can’t you at least offer a better suggestion, Jim? “

“You could come into the office to learn the ropes,“ said his father.

“Oh, Dad. You know I’ve always been hopeless at Maths. What sort of job could I do? Mail boy? The only thing I’ve ever been good at is art.”

“You can’t call tattooing art,“ his mother said.  “Ghastly things like skulls and hearts and anchors! Where’s the art in that?“

“It’s not like that now, Mum. All sorts of people get tattoos – models, sports stars. Tattoos are  fashionable.“

“Well, not amongst the people we know.“ His mother snorted.

“I took some of my designs into Elton’s Arcade and they really liked them. They said they were really original and they want to give me a trial. You liked them, Dad, didn’t you?“

His mother glared at her husband.  “I hope you haven’t been encouraging the boy!”

“Well there’s no denying he’s good at it. Maybe it’s worth a try.“

“Oh for goodness sake! You’re as bad as he is. We can’t talk about this now but this is not the last of this conversation, Zac. Think long and hard about this stupid idea. Maybe, by the time we see you on Sunday, you might have come to your senses.“

She swept out the door. Zac’s father looked at Zac, shrugged his shoulders helplessly and followed her out into the rain.

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  1. Ann says:

    I enjoyed reading this.

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