Short story train ride with dialogue

Time of the day :it’s late afternoon speaker one& two on a train, sunny weather and  hot

Story about train ride- Speaker 1 seat with another people and they going to village to capital city and speaker, two just finish class going for holiday to visit famous place modern and ancient architecture and another person going to airport because her someone come from  overseas .

Speakers 1: hi how are you Speaker 2:Good thank you and you, Speakers 1 :I am good I am going capital and i am going capital because I have to pickup someone from airport Speakers 2 I am going capital because class holiday Speaker:1 .how study going speaker 2: pretty good, I am doing lot of home work. Speaker 1 : That’s awesome Speaker 2: thanks for asking , Speaker 1: that’s all right, Speaker 2:you’re very kind

Speaker 1 so what are you doing speaker 2 just put my bag on self and you speaker 1 I already put my bag ;what happened speaker 2 nothing  I am just check book I want reading . Speaker 1 did you find it Speaker 2 No still looking. Speaker 1 finger cross Speaker 2 I think I forget to bring it Speaker 1 I think that happened fare enough.

Speaker 1 :hi whether good today speaker 2 yeah its autumn leave falling from tree. speaker 1 I think  train is good like comfortable chair . Speaker 2 I  feel better when  train ride speaker 1 what happened speaker 2 you can walk one compartment to another . speaker 1 yeah lot of compartment I think.

Speaker 1 : Look now I am going for lunch do you want to come, speaker 2 yep,I can bring it hear if you don’t mind and what you want to eat, speaker 1 I can’t eat rich food, speaker 2 I understand thank you, speaker 1 food was delicious and I am very close to my destination and let pack my bag and thank you so much for everything, speaker 2 thank you and how was Trip speaker 1 good speaker 2 at least you enjoy trip wish you have a lovely day bye etc speaker 1 good bye.

The end

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