Smoky Mountain Gems (excerpt )

The four of them Ron, Lori and his parents lived together in harmony. They were a happy bunch. Clem and Ron would go off to work every morning and would come home every evening tired and dirty. But once they had showers and supper was finished they generally got a second wind. Sometimes you could find the 4 of them out in the front yard dancing, with a fire going someplace nearby. Lori and Ron were so happy. The only thing that could make them complete would be a baby,but it didn’t look like that was ever going to happen. They had been married 16 years by then and they had already given up. But then, one day in early 1989, Lori woke up and leaned over to Ron. She told him the news she had been holding in for nearly a week. Lori was going to have a baby! At last! Oh Ron, was beside himself when she told him. He actually carried her down the stairs all the while laughing and calling to his Mom,

“Guess what, Ma! Guess what? She’s gonna do it! Finally, she’s gonna do it.”

“What in the sam hill are you doin’ carryin’ that girl? And what’s she finally gonna do, anyway?”

“It’s a baby, Ma.” he said as he gently placed Lori down on the couch next to his mother. “She’s finally gonna have that baby we been trying for.”

“Boy, I knew that. That’s not news, but you sure don’t need to be carrying her around. She’s young and healthy and she’s going to be just fine”

And she was. Later that year, on November 16, 1989, Miss Roselynn Elizabeth Haley made her way into the world, and she was the delight that her parents and grandparents knew she was going to be.

The phone rang and shook Rosie from her memories. Every time she thought about her grandparents Rosie zoned out.

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