Andy’s Latest Get Rich Quicker Scheme

Andy pursed her lips pretending shes having a great thought. “We should get married.”

“What the hell ever for?” replied Sara.

“The benefits of being couples.”

“What benefits?”

“You know benefits, like spouses get.”

“You are on the deed of the house. I paid off your car. We have joint saving, checking accounts, and if I die first you get the insurance. What more could you get from being married?”

“More benefits…”

“What more benefits” Sara asking cautiously.

“You make more money than I do.”

“Yes, that’s because you haven’t worked in fifteen years, and I have.” This was an old argument, but Sara sensed a new twist to this rusty dagger.

“SSI, if you die, I could apply for a higher Social Security as a wife.”

Theres the catch. Andy had found a new way to bleed her partner Sara for more money. Twenty years of living with Andy has taught her one thing. Andy dosn’t just have original thoughts. She has schemes. Schemes that take years to construct, once finished she begins her campaigns of devastation until she gets what she wants.

“If I apply for my SSI I’ll only get seven fifty a month. As a wife, I could apply for yours and get more.”

That’s only if I am dead. Sara though to herself, “and you would inherit all my debt.”

“Oh.” Andy replied. “Maybe it’s not such a great idea after all.”

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Humm. When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer. My teacher told me I couldn't write because I couldn't spell. I believed her. What I should have said is "Can't count either. But, that's not stopping me now."
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3 Responses to Andy’s Latest Get Rich Quicker Scheme

  1. prue says:

    sorry for being a little left of center. A blind date conversation was just not happening for me.

  2. Hana says:

    This reads very well. It has a nice flow and it is very clear. I like all of the information you were able to get in the summary.

  3. prue says:

    It would be funny if Andy was a fictional person, but she is not…

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