Lesson 4 – A Date

I’m way behind… I could have given up, but I’m trying to stick with it. This is lesson 4 Blind Date. Now for the next lesson.

Mastering Dialogue Lesson 4

A blind date. She hated blind dates. Mandy only agreed out of loyalty to her bestest friend Lori.

Mandy sat at the table set for four. She would have car pooled. But she liked knowing her car was within walking distance. It gave her a way to escape.  But then again this guy could be Mr. Wonderful.

Mandy swipes her sweaty palms on the cloth napkin then shakes her hands trying to calm her nerves.  She checks her watch, again, confirming that they are late. Fifteen minutes, that’s not much time. Right? She wonders if she should have waited at the bar. But Lori had asked her to get a table. She’s starting to fill out of place.

A waiter approaches, again. “Can I get you something to drink while you wait for your party?”

Mandy looks up at the young gentleman who is standing straight with his hands behind his back. Her head clears from the deep, in thought fog.

The waiter breaks the silence when Mandy doesn’t answer. “Maybe a drink will help you to relax.”

“Oh right. Yes that could be just the thing I need. I got suckered into a blind date. You see my friend Lori has been pining over this guy and after two dates this guy asks if she has any single friends. I didn’t want to say yes. But I did because I’m her best friend and she had to beg.”

“Yes ma’am but what could I get started for you.”

“I’m Sooooo sorry. I rattle on and on when I’m nervous. So a drink…. hmm maybe something made with one of those flavored vodkas. Any suggestions?”

“How about a caramel surprise?”

“A what? Mandy winces trying to hide her ignorance.”

“It’s caramel vodka and Baileys over ice topped with a little whipped cream. You’ll be surprised by how good it tastes.”

“Sounds delicious. Okay, I’ll have one of those.” Mandy says with an easy smile.

I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. And Miss, I’m sure your friends will be here soon.”

The waiter was right. Lori and two men approached the table each taking a seat.

“Sorry we’re late.” Lori says.

Mandy smiles, quickly forgiving her friend and thankful she wasn’t left sitting here alone. Until….

Lori keeps talking without pausing. “I had shoe problem. My strap was broken and it took me time to find the pair to match my outfit. But luckily I found a pair. See?” She extends her foot towards Mandy. “Well?”


“I’m so glad you agreed to this date.” Blind date guy says. “You are stunning.”

“Thanks.” Mandy says taken aback by his super jovial tone.

“Mandy, this is my date, Jason.” Lori says placing a kiss on top of Jason’s hand. “And this is your date, Roger.”

Roger smiles exposing yellow teeth.

“Nice to meet you.” Mandy says trying to keep her expression neutral.

“I know blind dates can be disappointing.” Roger says raising a finger to get the waiter’s attention. He turns back to Mandy.  “I guess we can say this is a great start!”

“You sure are enthusiastic.” Mandy says wanting to leave. She nonchalantly opens her clutch that is sitting on the table. Her car keys are near the top. Now what can she do to excuse herself. Think, think, think, she says to herself as she taps her foot on the floor.





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3 Responses to Lesson 4 – A Date

  1. Hana says:

    Good story. I liked it. You gave Mandy the the waiter great rapport. Question for you though, the verb tense in the second paragraph is different then all of the others. Did you want to do this? P.S. I’m glad you kept going with the assignments. It is so easy to get behind.

  2. freckles says:

    Good to see you’re keeping up with the assignments, it’s easy to fall behind — I know 🙂 I agree with Hana’s comments about the verb tense in the second paragraph. Overall, I liked it, and i’m hoping Mandy was able to duck out of there 🙂

  3. DoerDi says:

    Thanks for the comments.

    I should have caught the verb tense change…. I have no excuse other than oops
    Thanks. I need to keep myself more aware.

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