Lesson 7 – Trust Me.

I went for something different this time around, I hope you enjoy this little tale as much as I had writing it. It reminds me of the stories I had read to me as a child and the places I visited and played in as well. I look forward to hearing your critiques, comments and feedback. Enjoy 🙂

LESSON 7 – Trust Me.

Stars twinkled in the dark velvet sky and the moon seemed to capture the night with a mysterious glow. Anwen sat on the wooden bench and admired the view from her bedroom window. She recalled how quickly a year had gone by and how much that year had changed both of them. The last time she’d seen Dylan, he was a scrawny spot faced kid and her, a freckle faced, lanky tomboy. When she arrived at Penlan Castle a week ago and stepped out of her carriage, her eyes connected with Dylan’s and  saw that he no longer resembled that scrawny kid.

He’d changed and changed for the better.

He was tall and broad shouldered with a mop of dark hair, still wavy but longer, which he’d tied back with a strip of leather. His once boyish looks, we’re now chiseled, with solemn brows that were offset by his sea glass eyes and his nose was strong, like his fathers.

She inspected her reflection in the window, wishing that somehow she was blessed with her sisters dark hair, skin and beautiful features. She sighed, patted down her unruly red hair and hoped that one day her freckles would disappear from her fair skin. Still immersed in her thoughts, she leaned forward and took a long inhale of the crisp night air, when she heard a crack on her windowpane. Anwen peered out and couldn’t see anything, she clutched the window’s handle and was about to close it, when she heard a second crack, she opened the window wide and looked down.

Dylan stood with his arms in the air and asked in a hushed tone, “Can I come up?”

Anwen smiled, she put her finger to her lips and nodded. Dylan took no time in scaling the brick wall up to her window and through it.

“Good Evening Anwen.” He said as he straightened his kirtle and cloak.

She stared at him, “What were you thinking, climbing up here?” She threw a cushion, hitting him squarely in his chest.

He bent down, picked it up and tossed it between his hands, “I see you’ve been practicing?” He chortled.

Anwen rolled her eyes, “You could of hurt yourself, and what if you’d of been seen? She spun on her heels and slumped down on her bed. “Then what?” She picked the tassels on her coverlet and without looking up, she added, “And don’t you dare throw that cushion at me.” she giggled.

He huffed and set the cushion down on the bench.

“So what’s so important, that you had to climb up the wall and not knock on my door to speak with me?” She asked.

Dylan walked over to her bed. “Because freckles, I have something to show you.” He winked, then sat next to her.

Anwen blushed, “And, pray what may that be, Dylan.” A little smirk crossed her lips.

He scooted a little closer to her, “It shan’t take long.” He offered his hand, “you know you want to.”

Her heart fluttered, “Someone may fi –”

“No one shall find us, trust me.” Tugging on her arm, he pleaded, “Let’s go.”

Anwen regarded Dylan’s cheeky grin, his eyes pleading with hers. She’d wanted to sneak out and spend alone time with him since she arrived at Penlan, now the time had come and her head was telling her to stay, yet her heart pounded revealing she should completely trust him. She’d always trusted him, since they were six years old.

“I’ll come.” she said.

Dylan leaped off the edge of the bed, Anwen’s hand still in his,“Whoa,” she giggled, “if you’re not careful, you’ll yank my arm out of its socket.”

He leaned forward, his face inches from hers, “Can you ever forgive me, freckles?”

She could feel the warmth of his breath on her face, his eyes warm and inviting, “Don’t I always?”

He raised his eyebrows, smiled and answered, “Always.” He quickly kissed her cheek and said, “Come, we should go.”

With a couple of big strides, Dylan cracked open the bedroom door and peeked both ways, “All clear.”

Anwen hopped off her bed and sauntered over to Dylan. They headed along the dimly lit hallway, down the narrow spiral stairwell and across the deserted cobbled courtyard, to the stables.

“That was easy,” said Anwen, as she rested her elbows on a wooden ledge next to the horse bay, “Where is everyone? I was sure we’d see someone.”

Dylan began saddling his horse. “Most likely in the great hall,” and with one fluid motion, he was sitting on top of his black stallion, “eating, drinking and becoming quite merry, no doubt.”

Reaching his hand out, Anwen gladly accepted it. She placed her dainty poulaine on the gleaming stirrup. She pushed up and he pulled her in front of him. He reached his strong arms around her slim waist, making her catch her breath. His fingers found the reins and with a gentle tap of his heels, they trotted out from the stables, across the drawbridge and over the lush green hills.

Lately, when she thought of Dylan or said even his name, warm feelings stirred deep within, which took her by surprise. Yet now, being that close to him, she felt the rapid rise and fall of his chest against her back. The closeness of his face next to hers, sent warm flutters throughout her whole body. Unsure if she could keep her emotions in check, she asked, “Are we there?”

Dylan loosened the reins a little and raised his hand, “It’s over that rise, just below the grove of trees.”

They reached the trees, Dylan dismounted first, then placed his hands either side of Anwen’s waist and helped her down. The moment her shoes touched the grass, she took a couple of quick deep breaths, to calm her racing heart, then surveyed her surroundings.

Dylan tethered his horse to a branch, “Stay.” He said, as pattered the horse’s neck, then turned to face Anwen, “It’s time.”

They zigzagged between the trees towards the other side of the copse, he pointed, “It’s through there. Can you see it?”

Even squinting her eyes, she could barely make out what Dylan pointed at, “We’re going through a mountainside?”

Dylan glanced at her and chuckled, “Yes, we are.”

Bu –”

“You’ll see, come on.” He smiled.

They stood at the foot of the jagged opening. Anwen smiled, realizing why she couldn’t see what was so obvious to Dylan. The narrow opening in the mountainside was conveniently covered with thick, heavy green vines, “Did you put these here?”

He laughed and said, “No.”

“Then, how did you find this place?”

Moving the vines aside, he allowed Anwen to walk through, then himself, “I found it by chance. I was out hunting and Duke was following a scent, then he disappeared,” he said and let the vines fall back into place, “I whistled and he popped his dirty brown nose out among the vines. So, I followed him back through the vines.”

Anwen’s eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness of the narrow crevice, she stuck out her arm to the side, feeling the coarse, uneven rock under her delicate hand, “And you haven’t told anyone else about this place?” she asked.

Dylan caught hold of her other hand, “No. You’re the only one freckles, other than duke.”

“Oh. I um…”

“Spit it out, what are you trying to say.”

“Don’t you think I’m too old to be called freckles, anymore?” She asked.

“You’ll always be freckles to me.” He felt for her hand and took it in his.

It made Anwen’s stomach flip. She shook the warm fuzzy feelings creeping up inside her aside and cautiously walked forward, Dylan followed by her side. They walked about twenty feet, she spotted a faint light ahead and they walked a little quicker eager to reach its end.

As she did, Dylan tapped on her shoulder, “Wait, let me go first.”

She turned to the side and allowed him to squeeze past her. He stopped just outside the end of the crevice, “You ready for this?” he asked.

Focusing her eyes on Dylan, she knew he was ready. However, standing there with him in that moment, she could feel her cheeks flush and her hands began to tremble. Her head told her no, yet her heart told her… Yes. She whispered, “I don’t know, if I am.”

Sensing her apprehensiveness, Dylan took both her hands in his and said, “Anwen, don’t be afraid. I’ll be with you, you have nothing to fear. I promise you, you are going to love this.”

She took a deep breath and squeezed his hands, “Alright, let’s do this.”

“Close your eyes.”

She did.

With his guidance, she took a couple of steps forward, “Stop. Open your eyes.” said Dylan.

She stopped and opened her eyes. And what she saw took her breath away. At the bottom of the valley was a large lake with its blue water that looked like tar as it glistened in the moon’s glow and nestled along its bank…

Her eye’s wide, Anwen turned and looked at Dylan then whispered, “Dragons!”

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I'm a redheaded Welsh lass from Wales - Great Britian. The past nearly 10 yrs I have lived in the US and at the moment live in Wisconsin while my hubby is getting his masters. Me, I am trying to finish my 1st draft of a novel while running around after my 4yr old and 2 yr old as well as doing this course :) I love cooking, writing. Crafts, movies and music. I have 7 children & 2 granddaughters!! I know I look too young - Well, I am lol (well not quite 18 yrs old..anymore lol)
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28 Responses to Lesson 7 – Trust Me.

  1. Gary says:

    Needs more…want to know what happens next!! That is obviously a very good sign 🙂

    Flows well and keeping the dialogue close means the ending is unexpected. Raises questions too such as what happens if the dragons spot them? Are they likely to turn the surprise into something very dangerous and possibly life threatening. Are they a threat to the castle? Is Dylan certain no-one else knows about them? And so on.

    Personally I take the raising of questions in the reader a big positive. If there are no questions why carry on reading.

    Great twist. Well done 🙂

    • freckles says:

      MORE! You want more 😉 You want to know what happens next! ME TOO LOL…

      I’d best get working on those ideas that are running through my head and putting fingers to keyboard. Although I wish I could type faster (I’m more of an artist than academic Lol) so working with keys instead of a pencil can be frustrating at times.

      Thank you for your kind comments and feedback. I’m glad you liked my unexpected ending. I knew what the ending would be, I just had to fill in the rest, which I had so much fun writing. I agree with your comment about having questions in our writing for the reader. I love figuring out what happens, so that help me write for said readers and doesn’t love to figure out who loves who, or what will the character do or say or be? And what, My Dragon will do or maybe not do?

  2. carrots says:

    Loved it!! Well done, Freckles!

    The suspense kept the reader going throughout the story and the friendship between the two characters made me smile.

    I would LOVE to read more of this if you chose to continue it!

    I’m a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan so this really did it for me 🙂

    • freckles says:

      Thank you so much Carrots! Everytime, I read it, I know what’s coming, yet I still feel the suspense and the friendship between Anwen and Dylan 🙂 I am going to continue with this story. I have a good idea of what I want, now I have to hash out the good from the bad and get those ideas down. If you thought mine read like LOTR (Legolas, Aragorn swoon) you should read Garys post! I really liked his 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    You see you said dragon…now I am thinking is it a he or she dragon and why is it on it’s own, how old, what type..a ferocious beasty or guardian?

    You simply cannot just end with ooh look there be dragons… That is simply not fair on the reader. Imagine if Stephen King had just stopped with The Gunslinger…. No good at all 😉

    • freckles says:

      Oh, I did, didn’t I 😉 So many questions! I love it LOL. Methinks, I’d better get to work on it.
      I have not read Stephen Kings Dark Tower books, they’re on my long list of must reads. Although I love his book titled, ‘On Writing’ in which he delves into how he got his ideas for some of his books as well as wonderful insights on writing. It was a wonderful easy read.

      Back to, dragons. Have you read, The Dragon Triligies by Melanie Rawn? I loved these and was so glad, I had all 6 books on hand, otherwise I would have been a dragon myself waiting for the next book to arrive via mail! 😉

  4. Gary says:

    You should have a go at The Dark Tower. It hangs a lot of his other books into it as if most things he’s written are intrinsically connected to it. Eg priest from Salems Lot appears to name but one cross over. King himself gets a cameo too. Maybe not everyones cup of tea but an inspirational piece for me and the ending is awesome although it raises more blasted questions than it answers (spoilers!). LOTR is another inspiration too.

    Not read the Melanie Rawn books. Thanks for the referral. I shall have to have a dabble once I’ve ploughed through the other four Martin GOT books !!

    I think you definitely have a project with this one. Not least staving off the slayers; dragon scale armour is highly sought after you know 😉

    • freckles says:

      I think I’ll ask for the set for my birthday 🙂 The books sound amazing, I love the fact that King has incorporated parts from his other book into them, ESP Salem’s Lot. That creeped me out, but I still liked it LOL. OH NO!! It raises more questions, than it answers!! That will bug the crap out of me ah, ARGh I don;t have nails as it is now. I’d better let them grow out before readig the Dark Tower then, cause by the time I’m done reading them I’ll have none left! 😉

      OH Heck I agree, I have like 3 books on the go mysel. Alhtough now I want to work on Anwen & Dylan’s / Dragon story, I want to re read the Dragon Trioligies again (Just for research, mind you 😉 Not that I won’y enjoy reading them again, it has been 9 years. However, I loved them so much, I still can remember the story and how much I was invested in each of the characters!

      Thank you again for urging me forward with this story. I often wonder if the stories I write for these courses are good enough. Som having that validation, give me that push I need to work on them 🙂

      • Gary says:

        I think King was quoted as saying the Tower series is what links his books together; like it is central to his universe. Google cross linking with the Dark Tower and there are loads of forums discussing the connections. Its one of those love it or hate it ones. Maybe try The Gunslinger first as a taster. Its the smallest and the lead into the series.

        If you want I can heap on the questions lol

        Course stories can really be anything from good or bad as it is there to test the learning… The weird bit is the audience is unknown and if strangers can validate something it shows there is an audience??

        • freckles says:

          Heap on the questions! 😉 Yes, Please. It’s nice to have grown up conversations! Not that I mind mama, please, No, etc from my little girls 🙂 Gosh waiting till Nov to read Gunslinger is gonna kill! You have me thinking about the book now 🙂

    • freckles says:

      Dragon scale armor! Huh? I’m gonna research that :)Sounds intriguing — I’m guessing it’s from a video game? And any general ideas you wanna send my way — YES, PRETTY PLEASE 🙂

      • Gary says:

        Dragon armour is indeed gaming upgrades. Skyrim in particular but it is a feature of many 🙂 not that I have ever played them :/

        Grown up conversations… Do I know that one lol… Gets worse though once they get to teens they just grunt and say “get out of my bubble”. Birthday in November… A fellow Scorpio then eh 🙂

        They didn’t find a nest did they? I would imagine that could be protected most viciously….although they are also famed for guarding treasure hoards…. Could the promise of immeasurable wealth creep into your protagonist eating him up while Anwen watches it change him. Maybe one of them is a Dragon Lord but doesn’t know it yet. It could even be a dragons graveyard where they go to die and maybe your antagonists are witnessing this or even destined to learn the dying wishes of a dragon…that could create a massive journey into the world of dragon lore and questing.. Maybe there are eggs to retrieve, a sorcerer to defeat, an imprisoned dragon to set free, a dragon war to resolve…. So many possibilities 🙂 I should shut up lol

        • freckles says:

          OH, I spent my evening reading up on dragon scale armor, thanks to a tweety bird dropping some wonderful tidbits;)

          SO, my fellow Scorpion- Yep, my b-day falls on the 20th.

          And, can you get outta my head! It’s like, you know what I’m thinking 🙂 You have touched on some of my ideas, although everything you said, is running through my mind! Ah, don’t shut up. I think we share a kindred spirit, being scorpion and all

          • Gary says:

            Mines the 8th 🙂

            I think it would take a very skilled combatant to claim dragon scales… Ooh, maybe the Elite lol. I like dragons and the darker side to them. I have them as self centred beasts that have no real quarrel until provoked. RPG would call it neutral I think.

            Odd you say in your head, my antagonist in the book is a necromancer and deals a lot in mind assaults on the unwary. In fact Elisabeth plays out in that project… Cross linking already lol kindred spirits… Seems so, supernatural, LOTR, GOT…. Not forgetting inspiring MORE writing !

  5. Anna says:

    Yes! So glad someone enjoys dragons as much as I do. I have an entire story in the works surrounding dragons. I absolutely loved this. It flowed from beginning to end and kept my attention the entire time. The descriptions were well done.

    Good job, Freckles!!

    • freckles says:

      🙂 🙂 Dito! I’d love to hear all about your book, I would so read it! I’m glad you loved it. Yeah, I have a bunch of ideas for this story. I love it when you can’t think of nothing else, then what will my dragon/dragons do etc and also what about Anwen and Dylan’s story and how their story will cross with the dragon’s. Now, I have to get writing as well as working on my other book. I’m sad this course is ending 🙁

  6. Anna says:

    I know! I wish it was a bit longer. I would love to keep in contact and do follow ups on all these amazing stories!

  7. Gary says:

    I was thinking the same as Anna. It would be good to know how the stories go and follow up with appropriate validations. Granted I have only just plucked up courage to post my ramblings but its nice to hear feedback from strangers – not that any of you are strange … Or maybe you are 😉

    Is there a forum, place or blog that might work… Or maybe a Facebook group that could be set up as a closed page for those trying to start writing??

    Really keen to find answers to the dragon questions 🙂

    • freckles says:

      I would love to keep in contact with you and Anna and anyone else from this class. I have loved some of the posts on here, and feel they can become a book 🙂 I think being able to bounce ideas and have feedback on our writing. I don’t know of a blog, forums, etc, but I would love to be part of one. Like I said having that outlet (even for us shy writers 😉 Although You have my email and I will still be on this site too.

      • Gary says:

        Shy.. Yup, thats me!

        I think on WordPress you can set up several blogs and link in contributors. Bit like here really but it could be open to anyone interested genuinely in improving or looking to bounce ideas or talk about their projects for moral support and suggestions.

        I have a WordPress blog just set up but keep staring at it thinking “now what?” My original idea was to use it to promote the writing but I chickened out actually posting !!!

        Just don’t get all high and mighty once you are famous and clear off in a rather elitist fashion… And I now expect a signed book lol

        • freckles says:

          Me and computers are new-ish friends;) All this techno mumbo jumbo, is slowly getting into my brain! I dare not say my hubby, is getting his masters in CS! Oops, I just did LOL. So some of his jargon rubs off on me, but not enough. He had to help set my blog page up as, It wouldn’t do what I wanted. If one was set up, I would hop on and use it, most definitely. Achem… Gary, over to you 😉

          Me… High and mighty. Never! I’m a proud, down to earth, Welsh Lass (Living in the states) I would never clear off, especially in an elitist fashion, more like, Eek there’s throw up and poop on my skirt, I better go change. Oh, wait, I’d better clean up the bowl of cereal that’s on the floor first!

          And sure you can have a signed book… if and when that ever happens! 😉

          • Gary says:

            It may happen..glass half full and all that. Good mind exercise if not. I will have your signed book though so get going lol

            Wrt blogs I am brand new to that. So far it is called fictionisfood but making it look like I want is where its at. Only set it up at the weekend though so first things first and all that. I would like it to be somewhere new writers might like to just post and exchange ideas, build confidence and so on.

            Bit of a change from Wales lol

  8. Hana says:

    Freckles, this is so good. It is really well written and flows so well. You have created characters that have depth in a believable world. It feels like you were very comfortable when you wrote it and enjoyed yourself. It really flows – not a hiccup anywhere. Very fun!

    It would be great to stay in touch and see what we all do next. How can we do that?

    • freckles says:

      Thank you so much Hana 🙂 You know what, I love the characters, they actually started with the name. Being Welsh, I love welsh names (My little girls have Welsh names) Then from there, they took on a life of their own. Now, I just have to work on the whole story 🙂 Bring the Dragon/s into play. Also, Anwen will go through a stage of realization! I’m having fun figuring out all my elements. And thanks to Gary (He writes amazingly good stuff on here) He has given me such wonderful pointers 🙂 I’d love to stay in touch with you all. Actually, Gary and I are chatting about how we can al stay in touch 🙂

  9. Ginny says:

    That was a good story, Freckles. Your descriptions are well done and I had pictures of your characters in my mind. I had trouble with the paragraph “He scooted a little closer to her. I think it might read better if you said,”he scooted a little closer to her and gave her his hand. When you go from him-to-her and then back to him it confused me. You are a good writer. My birthday is in Oct. so I am a scorpio also.


    • freckles says:

      Thank you Ginny 🙂 I shall go back and edit that little part 🙂 I sometimes wonder if my writing makes sense, my thoughts have a mind of their own, they like to spill out of my mind and out on the laptop, before I want them too LOL. I enjoyed writing about Anwen and Dylan, they took on a life of their own. I am going to have lots more fun writing more about them. Ah, so we have another Scorpio 🙂

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