Dinner At The Terrace – Again

Written by Alma Fenter
“Beth, will you go to dinner with me Friday night,” Larry asked?
“Wow, where did that come from? You know we have decided to date other peopled, it just doesn’t work for us.” Beth was confused, his question was right out of no where.
“I don’t know, we seem to be getting along so much better lately. I thought we might try just going to dinner.” Larry had been thinking about it for awhile. “Just think it over, ok?
Beth thought he was right about them getting along better with less stress over the last couple months. “I don’t know, Larry.” She turned to walk to her next class, turning around she saw Larry standing beside a tree smiling.
“What have I done, Beth asked herself? I should have just said, no.”
“Wow! I never thought she would even consider going out with me again, not after the last time. I never meant to hurt her, circumstances just changed so fast.” Larry turned to walk toward the next building, his mind racing from six months ago to this Friday night.
She was so preoccupied when she got into her car, she nearly backed over a student leaving the parking lot. “Wait! Are you okay, Beth called out.” This brought her back to the present very quickly. She wanted to check for bruises or broken bones.
“I feel like this is my fault, and I at least want to know you are okay. My name is Beth, what’s yours?”
Before she realized what had happened, the other student turned and walked away saying nothing and not looking back. “Well, I’m sorry, she called out.”
Beth forced her mind to stay on her driving until she pulled up in front of her house. “I need to think about Larry’s request for me to go to dinner with him on Friday. Could we really go out and keep a light, friendly flavor to the evening?”
Right at that, It seemed as if memories came flooding back. Another car had screeched around the corner and hit them on her side. Larry had tried to speed up and miss the impact, but the other driver swerved so they would collide. Beth blacked out for awhile, but didn’t seem to have any serious injuries.
Suddenly she felt the feeling of a blinding white light behind her eyes. She blinked and shook her head, it all came flooding back. She could hear in the back of her mind, “Beth, can you hear me? Come on Beth speak to me, please.” Larry was in a panic. “Please, if you can hear my voice, at least blink.”
She was able to blink, and within a few minutes she was conscience again.
Thinking about it now, she searched for the meaning behind it and what caused them to break up. “That car, it wasn’t just any car, the driver was an old girlfriend of Larry’s. She had shown up at the restaurant and made a play for him.”
“Well, I know he hasn’t seen her in all the months they were apart, but could she trust him?” That was the question .
“Please, give me a chance to make it up to her for the last date we had, it ended so badly. I would do anything within my power to redo that evening.” Putting his head down on the steering wheel he prayed God would give him a second chance. “I promise I will, if I can just have a redo’
On Thursday evening, the phone rang and it was Larry, as she knew it would be. “Hi, Larry, I’ve thought a lot about dinner tomorrow night, and I think we might give It another try. Seven Thirty? Okay, I’ll be ready.”
“YES! Larry shouted, thanks for the second chance.”
Not even thinking about where they had gone before, he picked up the phone and called the Terrace. He asked the
His friend, “James, can you get me a table for tomorrow at eight O’clock, a special table. Thanks buddy, I owe you.”
Beth seemed nervous when Larry walked up to the door to get her. “I will put her at ease, I know I can. We will just keep it light and talk about homecoming and the big show they had planned for halftime and other small talk. The Terrace will also help make her relax, it’s such a beautiful place. I’m already looking forward to the evening, Larry said. The music helped and they were both having a pleasant time. When they reached the restaurant and Larry pulled up for valet parking, Beth stiffened a little. “Hey, everything okay,” Larry asked.
“Um sure, this is a very nice place and as I remember, beautiful out on the Terrace.”
“Yes it is.” He turned and ask, “James is our table ready,” he asked turning to James. Turning back to Beth he took her elbow and lead her out pool side. “Isn’t it a pretty starry sky?”
They were seated, and Beth stiffened just a little more, turning toward the gate the other woman had stormed through all those months ago. “You know Larry, I need to go to the ladies room before we begin dinner. Will you order me a water with lemon? I will be right back.”
Beth stood and headed toward the inside of the restaurant, finding the door just before tears started running down her cheeks. “Why am I reacting like this? I know he is not seeing her and suspect he wasn’t then. I have to get control of myself.” A little powder and lipstick helped hid the paleness of her skin.
Returning to their table, she allowed Larry to hold her chair for her while she tried to relax. He had ordered them a glass of wine and the stars shining in the pool, began to take it’s affect. Beth had started to relax. She felt a good evening setting in, and told Larry “she was glad she came.”
“He reached across the table and touched her hand lightly, saying, “so am I Beth. I have truly missed our time…
There she was, walking toward them, a big smile on her face. “Well, well, who do we have here? Betty, Barbara, no Beth, Beth it is, right?”
Beth stood and looked Larry in the eyes and said, ”don’t bother, I can get a cab.” Looking at the woman she said, “nice to see you again, Zata, no Zelda, wait, it’s Elvira, right? Yes, I’m sure. Larry told me about you, good night.”
At that moment Larry jumped up and ran after Beth.
“NO, you are not running away, she is a barmaid here and nothing else. Please, I’m begging you to hear me out!”
She hailed a cab and he got his car from the valet and they met in her driveway. “Please Beth, listen to me. I want you to at least know the truth, then you are free to do what your heart leads you to do.”
The cab left and Beth walked up to the porch. She then turned and motioned for him to come and sit in a chair and tell her the whole story.
It was nearly two in the morning before every was asked and explained, but Beth leaned over and asked, “are you willing to wait long enough for me to prove to my over active imagination?

Larry gave her simple “Yes.”

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  1. Abdul Rehman says:

    Alma! I am reading your story first time. And believe me you are the best. Keep it my friend. I am waiting to read your more terrific stories.

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