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The Clubhouse Tales- Lesson 1_Exercise 2

The morning was mellow with a refreshing dew, as Mr. Adi Purana pushed open the iron grill gate of his colonial home, and stepped outside. Tall, broad-shouldered and finicky about order and cleanliness, he succumbed to a half-smile at the … Continue reading

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Comeback to the Garden of Eden

Eve approached the immense Gupu-Palace in Rhakotis.  She remembered how, as a child she admired the prominent building. It was higher and more luxurious than all other palaces  in the central square of the Egyptian quarter, where all the leading, Egyptian … Continue reading

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Samson As soon as Hava and Samson left Hava’s house for their first date, they switched to Greek, the language which turned out to be more familiar to both. The cordial atmosphere, which ruled the families encounter, changed suddenly: “Samson, … Continue reading

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Lesson 7 – Trust Me.

I went for something different this time around, I hope you enjoy this little tale as much as I had writing it. It reminds me of the stories I had read to me as a child and the places I visited … Continue reading

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Lesson 5 – Worth it?

Um… So, this homework assignment and I, didn’t quite get along LOL. I truly found writing this piece a little frustrating. Not that I couldn’t do it, but rather, I felt it a little hard not, showing through dialogue or narration … Continue reading

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